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even the wrong words seem to rhyme.

September 20, 2007

it’s already 12 so it’s time for so emo. maybe sth not so emo first. i saw my P5 form teacher jus now. woah. i think of all the teachers in my life, he’s the first one to show me wat is it like to be a teacher. i think all those i had from P1-P4 are crap. they cant teach, only noe how to bully children. wtf right? anw, yah. i saw him on the way home. was walking around to get my dinner so i managed to bump into him twice. and he was carrying a baby. omg. i really cant picture as a father. when he was teaching us he was like 1yr since he came out from nie. but i dun think he can remember me already.

and u noe how when i was young i always felt that teachers are those giants towering over us. actually now to see him, he’s almost my height or maybe a little taller. maybe he wont see but congrats on u becoming a father already(:

okay for some emo. actually quite a lot of people are rather emo in their blogs. hmm. but it’s kinda weird to get emo on ur blog cos u wont wan everyone to noe wat u are talking abt. so u try to hint hint here there so only some people will understand and at the same time fear those who are not supposed to noe to understand. it’s damn torturing. actually the only place people cant see into is ur head. keep it in and unauthorised personnel wouldnt be able to access it.

so i shall come hint hint too. of all the things i cant stand the most would be the one i only told ong abt in taka. cos i guess most of the other people who are into intellectual talks with me would be able to guess wat im talking abt. it’s how tormenting to see how other people blog abt their happy outings going here there. doing this that. and be totally taken out of the picture. ignored. damn sian. since now i have a wider circle of pigs and dogs, some who are genuninely nice, i tot i would eventually let go of it and of course not think abt it. but damn. i tot scoring well in As would be of a revenge. no. damn. i tot entering teritary would help. no. damn.

sometimes i noe why i enjoy reading king of the castle so much. cos i think like kingshaw too.

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

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