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September 26, 2007

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taken from a very old ep. yup. onigokko is like our catching or hide-and-seek. and the oni is our ‘it’ who will go round to do the catching. this is like some sort of catching at advanced level. the whole thing last 60min and they are given quite a huge place. they jus have to hide from the onis in that 60min and they will win the game.

i jus realised i’ve been wasting the last 2 days of my long awaited recess wk. damn. i need to start doing something now. like.. math tutorials. or maybe material science tutorials.

and did anyone watch 甜孙爷爷? hahahahaha. it’s damn nice. a little bit like our those 30min sitcoms. esp yday’s ep on the part where alexfong had to bring home RA films cos he had to sub them. he’s a uni student and does part time by subbing films. and of course he was doing it secretly for the RA one and suddenly there was this loud ‘ah ah ahhh’ sound which he tot came from the computer. but actually his mother was making it cos she helps the library to do audiobooks and she was practising this part from 水滸傳 and she was making that sound cos all the ancient woman always talk in those ‘ah ah ahhh’ way.’s damn stupid but very funny.

omg. i found the part on youtube. hahahahahha. watch it!!

omg. and i jus realised that the third grandson is shek sau’s son!! hahahaha.

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