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kyo wa koko made.

September 29, 2007

looking thru math notes made me realise how little attention i paid to fred during his lectures. i guess for most of the time we were either sleeping or imitating his accent, instead of learning something new.

so today i was reading through differentiation which i all along tot was an exact replica of our A levels math notes till i read them properly. it’s more of like A levels math but explain in the most fundamental way ever. the most fundamental way of expressing chain rule, the most fundamental way of expressing limits. and the whole chunk of first order differentiation to find maximas and minimums (with what concavity) which i dun remember listening to during class.

hais. thank goodness MA1505 mid terms is only testing on the first 3 topics. phew. which means end of semester exams is gonna be damn hard. with those l’hospital and taylor(ahhhhh.) stuff.

but the game theory of econs really rawks. monopoly used to my favourite market structure, but game theory makes me like oligopoly even more. go game theory.

first paper on tue. hais. sian. especially when lessons still go on during mid terms. i tot exam week would mean no lesson week. but lessons as usual, exams after school. esp the math paper which is from 830pm-930pm. hahahahaha.

so who the hell is the one who told me life as a uni student is slack?

yeah. everybody’s favourite calendar 2008!! help me find good lobang please. 2007 one i think i got at 10bucks. if u own a rental show/ur aunt own a rental show/ur dad owns a rental show/ur mum works in that 3colours tv station/u always got a lot of lobang one, please help me find lobang for calender 2008. hahahahahaha. thanks(:

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