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voo. say say say.

October 7, 2007

im back to blogger. hahahahaha. okays. this sounds damn loser, but i jus realised that it’s damn difficult to reply on yahooblog. cos to leave a comment i gonna hafta log into yahoo to leave a comment. so i shall jus post pictures there every now and then but blog here. hais.

but but but. midterms is over!!! yayyay. it turned out to be better than how i tot, esp the MLE test which i tot i was going to flunk, but now i guess i can.. pass lah. econs was freaking hard and i heard like around each point u lose, u will drop one grade cos everyone in econs is too good.

felle burfday yesterday. so it’s one of those late nights out with laojiao. haha. this time at aranda. played our favourite polar bear. haha. but of course it was better when we played with sb5 during class chalet. cos i guess cos there wasnt a forfeit so everyone is not as on as to convince everyone to not kill them.

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