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December 10, 2007

cough’s much better the few days. yup. ever since exams ive been having those hacking dry cough especially at night. i think it’s the bad air at mpsh. or maybe the air from the invigilators. yup. im back from interview. hahahaha. omg. i think this is the 1156488th interview that i screwed up. guess im not the sort of people for interviews.

did i tell u what happened the previous time? haha.

interviewer: so. i can see that you have a lot of interests and is a very gifted child. let’s say we are going to give you the scholarship, how would you respond?

interviewee: hmm. i think i’ll definitely consider. because if i take up this scholarship i’ll be limited to do electrical engineering and maybe not do something that is related to aerospace. still, i will consider.

wth right. omg. i think im too honest. people wanna give u scholarship u shd just say ‘omg. serious? i will accept immediately!!’ hahahahahahaha. and of course. they gave the scholarship to someone else.

and today. they asked what’s my hobby in jc. hahahahahaha. the previous time with starhub i said ‘films’ (so do you make or watch films? oh. i used to make films but not now. hahahahahaha. but this is true lor.) and this time ‘try and learn to speak cantonese and japanese’. hahahahahaha. so they asked ‘so how is it now?’ ‘oh. i can understand cantonese now but my japanese is still very bad.’ hahahahahahaha. even now thinking back what i said i realised it was very stupid la. haha. wth.

someone need to teach me how to do interviews. like maybe ‘my hobby is to read business time and fortune and look at where temasek holding is heading’ sounds like a better answer.

還有超久沒有用華語寫東西了,你們這些吃番薯一定看不懂的。哈哈哈哈哈。十二月了!!呀!!我最喜歡的月份。就像紅毛人喜歡冬天一樣,我超喜歡十二月的。因爲就很有佳節的氣氛,看了就很快樂。加上十二月是monsoon period,我真得很喜歡下雨天。最近都是4點睡2點起。我覺得我應該活在另外一個國家才對吧,好像永遠都有時差的感覺。加上我好喜歡晚上的感覺。

如果說我現在的狀態的話,應該算是為未來衝刺而休息的階段。拼命的吸收,拼命的休息,讓自己天天過得很快樂。元氣都回來了。沒錯!!最近學了兩‘大’字 ‘大丈夫’ 與 ‘大冒險’ 。哈哈哈。‘無敵’我也會念了。muteki。 哈哈哈哈。実に面白い。

本來是想寫些小時候的我,但現在覺得應該沒有人想看吧。有點像自己寫自己看一樣,好丟臉。哈哈。但我還是寫寫一點點好了。我覺得我小時候是個滿了解到底在發生什麽事的小孩。有些人不怎麽記得小時做了什麽,但我記得還蠻清楚地。應該是說我很小就懂事了吧。但這是我沒跟任何人說,所以小時候還記得很多大人把我們小孩子當白痴的時候。像是我5嵗大概就知道什麽是對什麽是錯了,但老師還是把我們當白痴的教我們什麽是好什麽是坏。我還記得我們2年級的老師超坏。罵我們打我們,然後超愛那些聰明會考試的。老師不是很喜歡說‘告訴爸爸媽媽嗎!!’ 事想回來這有什麽好怕,我爸媽當然會照著你啊。

改天再繼續。哈哈。早唞. oyasumi. haha. see im really trying to learn these 2!! hahahahaa.

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