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December 21, 2007

last episode. episode 10. 聖夜にKISSして!

i wasnt really forward to this season, esp after the very exciting season before this with ikemen paradise, yamada taro; this season seems quiet. galileo caught my eye first because of the title. i wanted to know what’s gonna happen with a title called ‘galileo'(some translated as tantei galileo). and of course the second pull is from fukuyama masaharu. i could remember him from bijo ka yajuu which me and my sis watched from national tv 4 yrs ago. but bijo ka yajuu‘s focus was more on matsushima nanako than masha. so actually impression of him is quite weak.

galileo ended. with only 10 episodes. i think it’s an okay drama. the first 3 episodes were really good, especially the first one, but it kind of went down after the 3rd, esp in the middle (episode 6,7) when the focus on physics is reduced and suddenly yukawa is a genius detective more than a scientist.

fukuyama masaharu is great as yukawa. though there are times it’s quite funny to hear him speak that way. as in his normal voice is something like that but he sort of press it even down. like how we sound like if we try to imitate british english speakers. i guess it was part of his plan to make him sound like an associate prof than a rock musician or something like that. i think he’s quite okay for the yukawa role but i thought he was much better as nagase in bijo ka yajuu. this is my second masha drama, so i still prefer bijo ka yajuu.

yukawa is a genius scientist (which his assistant often says that he is the future of mankind) who because was a classmate with a policeman and so he often helps to solve cases, esp those that involves strange phenomenons. he often offers his help when he realise that whatever was presented to him is very interesting. and after searching for clues he will then suddenly realise what is happening all along and starts scribbling on what he can find with physics equations. he is supposed to be a weird person but yet one who does well in sports and is supposed to be very handsome. he finds it useless to talk about feelings and does nt believe in strange phenomenons but has his human side too; he doesnt show it explicitly but will show through the stories he tell of newton and galileo galilei. but not much have been told of him even till the last episode except that his parents are very young and that he dislike feeling cold.

Shibasaki Kou’s utsumi is hahahaha quite okay in galileo. but i guess quite a lot of people complain of her stiff acting and that she keeps frowning every now and then(shingo imitated this in their goroleo). like masha,this is my second shibasaki kou drama,the first being good luck!! actually i didnt really like her at first in good luck cos i tot she looks quite funny, and she looks like she’s in need of a lot of sleep cos she seems to have black eye rings all the time. hahahahaha.

utsumi is a rookie policewoman who believes in intuition and feelings and strange phenomenons. everytime when she needs help from yukawa,she will try to present the case as an interesting one to arouse yukawa’s interest so as to help her. his character is somehow a stupid one, rash but nice person.

there isnt quite a lot of supporting cast other than maybe Shinagawa Hiroshi as utsumi’s partner cum senior, Maya Miki as the forensic scientist and Watanabe Ikkei as yukawa’s assistant. the focus is more on the villians/victims of each case which are all played by actors of a certain 分量. i guess it’s some sort of tactics to increase ratings.

like other japanese drama,each episode will focus on one case with a reoccurring theme to link everything up (like the episode where the guy killed himself with a bow, it was linked to this other small incident abt this archer and also abt cupid’s gold and lead arrows). the focus is placed mainly on the case and lesser on the interaction btw chracters which will tend to come off subtly during the solving of each case.

the final case involves yukawa’s prof. which made him even more troubled than ever.

i like how they made use of the silhouette in the scene where utsumi told yukawa that she’s not going to trouble him anymore.

after 10 episodes tat i realise his face finger on face pose is actually one of fleming’s left hand rule. hahahahahahaha. field current motion.

super NaK. and as the name tells u, an alloy of Na and K.

if the bomb were to go off, half of tokyo would be gone. and cool. tokyo is damn pretty!! hahahaha.

there were like computing stuff, lucas numbers and stuff. haha.

omg. Shibasaki Kou does look quite ugly. hahahahahaha.

like some other japanese dramas, the last 2 episodes of galileo are linked, in that they are the same case but maybe it’s too tough, it needs 2 episodes to solve. haha.

the loot bag.

1) interesting use of physics but i think it’s very hard to attract like aunties to watch. but the ratings is not bad. though of course only takuya kimura can get those 34% kind.
2) masha. hahahaa. this is his new drama since bijo ka yajuu 4.5 years ago. and btw bijo ka yajuu and his previous drama was a long 3.5yrs break too. quoting from iweekly, maybe the main reason people are watching galileo is because of masha, who 不務正業, every now and then release a single then every now and then go out and take some photographs. hahahaha.
3) the guests. a lot of efforts were spent on casting the ka-la-feis. episode 1 has Karasawa Toshiaki and episode 4’s katori shingo and episode 6’s maki horikita and episode 7’s Fukada Kyoko and of course 9 and 10’s Kume Hiroshi.
4) they really performed the experiments which makes it even more interesting than plain explanation.
5) the chatting sessions btw utsumi and the forensic scientist. hahahaha. hilarious.
6) the last 5min of every episodes. reason same as above. hilarious.
7) the times when they ask utsumi about scientists. like one time when yukawa asked her if she knew who is issac newton and she replied ‘of course. the guy who cut off an apple tree and was then scolded by his father.’ hahahahahahaha.

the barf bag.
1) shibasaki kou. hahahahahahaha. it’s not that she’s bad. but aiyah. she’s weird. hahahahaha. and of course her irritating whinning.
2) the lack of character development. this drama lacks the human aspect that is so well done in most fuji tv dramas.

the movie to be out next year. people’s been hoping the mathematics genius in the movie to be played by takuya kimura, since the masha-kimutaku war to be japanese woman’s favourite man has been on for so long, it’s interesting to see them fight it out on the screen too.

from last 1 min of episode 10. Bernoulli’s. haha.

live performance of niji from we’re bros live tour 2007.

did u watch ‘waterboys‘ (the drama not the movie. the movie everyone also got watch la)? if u didnt, aiyoh, u just miss out such a big thing in life. hahahahahaaha.

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