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December 29, 2007

wah. who is this. so handsome. hahahahahaha. anw, was packing up my iweekly pile the day before. cos they are stacking too high and as a result some of the iweeklys got a little crumpled at the edges. so i’ve got to do something abt them. hahahaha. so was arranging them when i saw the lesliekee issue. on the cover there was LeeByungHun, ChoiJiWoo, TonyLeung and ZoeTay.

it was actually on LeslieKee’s Super Stars. Apparently during the time when that issue of iweekly was sold, it was during his super stars exhibition. now i rememeber why i didnt go for that exhibition; cos iweekly was out like the last wk of april and that exhibition ended on 4may. so i was thinking ‘wah. the photos all damn nice. but dont think got time to go since only left one wk.’

and now im regretting. hahahaha. it’s actually a super stars project dedicated to the victims of the asian tsunami disaster that took like 2 or 3 yrs where lesliekee took photos of 300 asian artistes under the theme ‘asia is one’. the photobook is sold at US$300. hahahaha. seriously i cannot afford that. and.. it’s banned in spore[i dunno whether it still is now] cos there is too much nudity.

list of artistes

and i only just realised there’s masha too. cool.. the picture above’s from iweekly.

but this is still.. a super old news. cos it’s long over. hahahaha. all the hype and stuff.

was watching all the nihonjin stuff that i neglected the 香江 side of stuff. and.. i just realised that survivor’s law II has started airing. went down to the place where i bought my calendar last yr to ask if they are still selling the calendars [hais anw it’s sold out] and then i realised they were renting survivor’s law II out. it’s out!! hahahahaha. only sammul from partI stayed and his character changed a lot so.. but.. wars of in-laws II is coming out on 1jan. hahahahaha. yay. 不留名!! hahahahaha. but i guess the modern story wont have 不留名. and there isnt shek sau too. they took him out conveniently saying he died in a car accident. gentle crackdown II coming out soon but i didnt watch gentle crackdown I and moses chan is not in it anymore too. and there’s this show abt buildings by the old alex fong. hais. sound like a civil engin show.

コブクロ - 蕾 [themesong of tokyo tower drama]

3rd on Oricon 2007 Single TOP 50. and kobukuro’s also 3rd on Oricon 2007 Album TOP 50 [first being Mr. Children and 2nd Koda Kumi].

明日晴れるかな 桑田佳祐 FNS歌謡祭07
公共電視─「我在墾丁天氣晴」by 鈕承澤
福山雅治 それがすべてさ
福山雅治 Citizen CM

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