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January 11, 2008

finally. i 硬著頭皮 and went to print out my result slip. hais. i didnt realise this like 2 wks ago when checking the results, but i just realised (omg) it’s MLE that pulled my whole grades down. if it wasnt a B- i would have not gotten the warning letter. damn. hais.

so 君は何が好き?

i dunno.

it seems like ever since entering the evil world of engin i seem to lose all my goals. no aims. no goals. i dunno what i want in life. i dunno why im doing all this.i dunno what im spending these 35K for. hahahahahhahahaa. waste money!! shd have taken that 35K and go backpack kyuushu and europe. haha.

and now. i dont even know what i truly like in life la. basketballとか filmとか aeroplaneとか. there’s like nth important in my life now that i think 35K is worth for.

haiya. i dunno. application for transfer starts feb. i just know there isnt anything that i really want in the place now. what i want, like adm and aero, are all in that pulau ntuC.

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