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Enchantée. Je m’appelle Megumi Noda.

January 11, 2008

All the other blog posts about Nodame Cantabile SP started with ‘chiaki senpai is back!!’ hahahahahaaa. but too bad. i didnt watch nodame cantabile last christmas and does not understand what’s the fuss about. cos before this i only finished ep1 of nodame cantabile. it’s very kuso. and i dont really like kuso. but of course i finished the whole series plus SPs by now. haha. it’s kuso but it doesnt irritate u; it entertains, surprisingly.

and of course i wasnt very keen on the SP cos there were instances where they spent a lot of money on SP, went overseas but turn out much worse than the series itself.

this time round they went to paris and the story continues from where it left off last christmas.

ueno juri!! hahahahaa.

hahahahaaa. cos the story was supposed to be in paris and everyone’s speaking French so they had subtitles for all the French dialogues. and halfway through there was this and everyone suddenly has this ‘fake’ dubbing; as in everyone started sprouting in jap and u are supposed to assume it’s dubbed. hahahahahhaaa.

she was learning French from this tiny book but it doesnt really teach normal stuff. hahaa. it has ‘ahhhh.this person molested me. help!! call the police!!’ hahahahahaa.

so while she was reading out from the book everyone thought chiaki was a molester.

the two of them and their new neighbours.

the first night of the SP focused on chiaki’s competition. and this guy was supposed to be his strong opponent.

another opponent. he jumps while he conducts.

chiaki thought he confirm was losing and had black words emitting out from him.

and their new neighbours.

the final round for chiaki’s competition.

S and R☆S oke back in japan.


her room is still like this.

night 1 ends off with nodame starting school.

hahahahahaaa. i like this part a lot. Elize tries to force Chiaki into her agency by… tickling him.

nodame dejected after a day in school realising everyone was better than her.

one more kiss. paris branch!! cos Franz Stresemann loves to go to ‘one more kiss’ in japan,ginza. and here in paris there’s one too. haha. just that the ladies are all angmohs.

i also like this part where they were illustrating stresemann’s world tour.

chiaki’s bad experience on a flight with stresemann. stresemann will pick up food that he dislikes and flick them onto chiaki. haha.

chiaki’s back in japan. haha. and the 2 guys who like him are very excited.

while chiaki’s in japan,kuroki’s in paris.

each had their own problem.

hahahahahhaaa. nodame getting very very dejected because she felt she was lousy in her class, she cant play piano well and then her teacher hates her. and that chiaki had his debut as a conductor in japan with another female pianist.

getting ready for her first recital.

chiaki’s back from.. japan.. thinking that she was going to commit suicide. by jumping down the Eiffel tower.

hahahahaa. another part that i like a lot.

off to her first recital.


finally eiji wentz is looking quite normal.

and some caps from the drama and SPs.

cos due to an accident that happened when he was 11, he has a fear of taking planes. haha. and everytime he’s on the plane he will make this ‘heeeeeeeee~’ sound. hahahahahahaaa.

making of part1
making of part 2

ueno juri can play the piano but tamaki hiroshi has to crash course.
Rhapsody in Blue – S-Oke
SMAPXSMAP Ueno Juri Tamaki Hiroshi 4dec2006
《交響情人夢》 攻劇策略
交響情人夢Promo-李雲迪彈鋼琴fromtvb (it’s canto dubbed. haha.)
おなら体操 MV (the fart exercise. haha. they got kids to act out the characters in nodame)
おなら体操(fast exercise) in the drama
《交響情人夢》第四集 CM from tvb
交響情人夢 NG

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