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January 13, 2008

school’s starting in another 9 hours time!! hahahahahaaa. u know the mixed feeling of being excited and afraid at the same time. but woo. it’s my second sem in the evil land already. 加油 for nxt sem man. 友達們. let’s all mug like crazy and trash those ahtiongs and friends.

yesterday was the day when my library books became overdue and so i had to go down and return. omg. now im missing my “tokyo tower” book so much. okay. shall go down to kino to get it someday. and i had to return the ‘how to play a guitar’ book before i even finished chapter 4[which was the chapter on how to read scores and tabs only]. so after returning i went into the library hoping to like borrow the books which i returned, again. there’s a adobe premiere pro book but no guitar books at all!! shit. i am like halfway through learning C chord and random chords and to clap along with my quarter notes and now there’s no guitar book. hais. now i want the guitar book back too.

and haha. guess what. cos there wasnt any guitar book, so i picked up a piano book from the library. hahahahahaaa. piano is so much more difficult than the guitar. guitar is just hard to press the chords but piano. omg. my motor skills is like worse than a 3 year old. cos there was this note in front suggesting what age to learn. and kids apparently should learn from 6 onwards when they develop motor skills, im like 13years older than 6 but my hands dont really listen to my brain. the score reading part was okay as in we learn much of it from the compulsory music education in secondary school, but to play with the left hand and the right hand at the same time is damn tough to me. haha. and somemore the staff for the treble and bass one has to be read differently. i can read the treble part quite okay-ly, but stumbling on all the bass parts.

and playing ‘mary had a little lamb’ is actually very tough. haha. and the second piece in the book is ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ and i couldnt get past the 2nd measure and my dad was like ‘aiyoh. like cassette tape spoil like that. keep repeating’.

oh ya. started on my nxt drama. GTO. haha. okay la. it’s like my second time watching but i forgot almost everything. it’s like deja vu. there are scenes that i can remember and some which i can predict what will happen but on the overall i cannot remember a single thing from the last time i watched.

and it’s damn star studded la. other than takashi sorimachi and Matsushima Nanako which are quite obvious the big stars. there’s oguri shun as noboru, the boy who was always bullied. there’s Fujiki Naohito as onizuka’s police friend. Kubozuka Yosuke as the very smart yoshito. and even tamaki hiroshi as cameo in episode 10 as one of the bad guys. haha. oh ya. and Takenouchi Yutaka cameo as the poster in Fuyutsuki’s house.

The Drive Of Life《歲月風雲》主題曲 (鋼琴版 piano version)
講不出聲 – 溏心風暴主題曲 (鋼琴版 piano version)
明星 (鋼琴版 piano version)
B’z – Ocean (海猿 主題曲) (鋼琴版 piano version)


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