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January 20, 2008

it’s almost time to sleep and i’ve still yet to finish reading the math notes for tmr. because i think fred has gone on very far ahead. and for physics lab cos i seemed to have screwed up every single one of them since i entered that evil land of kent ridge.

and this sem, life’s gonna get tougher. there’s 2 modules that has grades for class participation. damn. now i need to speak more in class. and a module that has ivle forum participation that is worth 10% grade. omg. i tot it was a friendly-friendly kind of forum discussion but now ( only 1 wk into sem2) ppl are like posting 800 word essays replies for the forum talking abt national identity and history. hais. this is getting very stressful.

and. quoting yueyun. haha. “you come into this school with what interest what dreams, after u entered all u know is to mug and mug and be scheming. who cares abt the dreams?” hahahahahahaaa. is this sad or what. and another thing she said another time abt our wishful thinking before we entered the evil land that we thought if we mug we may achieve what we hope for. is really 屁 also. cos everyone else is already 50 steps ahead of us. no matter how we chiong we would still be 40steps behind them. right? the evil land and the evil place.

and it’s funny how ppl out there can be so passionate abt something. all the stuff i thought i was passionate enough abt (as least among the people around me) suddenly become so insignificant as compared to how passionate other ppl can be. what kind of life do they lead? as in they dont shop or eat and just indulge in their passion all day? then maybe im just jack.

(pictures taken from someone’s blog out there. sorry sorry. if u see this, please dont scold me. cos it’s really quite well taken. haha. sorry.)

on the light note.did u read wanbao today? ohmygosh. wong hei *gasp*, charmaine sheh *gasp*, myolie wu *gasp gasp*, bobby au yeung *gasp gasp*, kelvin cheng *gasp gasp gasp* and bosco wong *gasp gasp gasp* apparently came to town for some scv event. omg. i didnt noe. hais hais. haha. wow.this is even more star studded than the previous tavia-steven-and more event.

and they went causeway point yesterday. jasmine. stop watching the arrogant-designer-with-lousy-son-and-policewoman show already.we shd have gone to causeway point!!

damn. and i read they gave off the calendars. haha. im calendar-less this year.

the thing is. why didnt i know abt this? hais. the evil land is eating up too much of my time.

something i stole off youtube again. haha. 第幾天。casino show!! hahahahaa. the screams of ‘boscoooo~ boscooooo~’ and ‘他很高lehhhh~’. lmao.

apparently quite a lot of ppl went to changi too. to erm. catch a glimpse of them in their unglam-ness after the 4hr flight. haha. but haiya. it could have been yet another reason for me to go down to my favourite land in spore. and to have another reason to eat popoye.

okay la. seriously i really need more time. especially this wk. just this wk. after this wk i think my life is gonna get a little better. 2 interviews coming. one that relates to my biggest passion in life and the other one that is related to the first ppl who welcome me into this evil land and had my happiest 5 days last year. and i am serious i wanna get through those 2 interviews. and of course to watch my arrogant-designer-with-lousy-son-and-policewoman show and the new young lawyers show. and the upcoming mooncake show.

KobukuroXBand Bank – tsubomi (wow. they got like the best singers together.)

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