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January 22, 2008

Trailer for ‘The Chasing World’

I think the chasing world doesnt really bring in the real meaning. anyway. it’s film adopted from a book of the same title, set in year 3000 (hahaha. the people still look quite normal). there is like a huge population on earth now. and apparently there are too many ppl with the surname ‘sato’,so they play this game where they will start to hunt down people with surname ‘sato’ and kill them off in order to reduce them in numbers.

the japanese title for this film is ‘riaru onigokko’ where riaru is katakana for ‘real’ while onigokko is japanese ‘hide and seek’ or ‘catching’ kind of game. the catcher is called the ‘oni’ (ghost) and they will catch ppl la.

My Blueberry Nights Trailer

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