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January 25, 2008


okay la. so we had out first lesson of japanesestudies. from the introduction lecture we had already known that the lectures are not going to be interesting in any way. but. it turned out to be a little better. at least i was not as bored as how i thought i would be. and surprisingly i can still remember the prince name. prince shōtoku. woo. anyway. a line from wiki and also something that was discussed in lecture.

In response, Prince Shōtoku is considered to have authored the earliest written instance in which the Japanese archipelago is named “Nihon,” which what the Japanese call their island nation today. In 607, he is said to have caused this salutation to be written:

“From the sovereign of the land of the rising sun (nihon/hi izuru) to the sovereign of the land of the setting sun.”


and. i shall rewatch wonton mee tony leung and maggie cheung again this wk. cos the last time i watched i think i didnt have the correct.. thinking to it. haha. and of course to finish stand up!! and to finish math webcast.



更讓那柔柔光輝,為你解痛楚 。

當你見到星河燦爛,求你在心中記住我 。

ズッコケ男道.. in baseball attire

a little note: i tot i saw the worst 您的家 already in jc. now im seeing even worse one. not just very 您的家, he is damn jin hao lian. wah piang. omg. i wonder how this type of people can survive in this world today. i mean. who is so stupid to not know our favourite 天上的大巨人 and ask me whether i know anot. wah piang leh. 我是誰. 我是要不顧世俗半路轉學的人leh, 我不懂那是什麽飛機? 你降問我就像問我朋友ong什麽是westlife一樣。俺比你還懂okay? 沒有grey matter的leh你。您的家。去看你的漫畫啦。

hahhahahahahahahaa. omg. hahahahahahahahahaaa.

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