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a short post,

January 29, 2008

before i really need to rush my math tut. cos tmr i still hafta finish my readings for japanesestudies. im really in quite big mess now. since i ponned too many math lectures and to slack the whole of last wk away.

first.something. i think i really owe my life to seniors in my life. i guess good things all come in 3s. first in AV. i think without wanhua rachel they all i might just only be another member. heard from wanhua that i might have gotten a small post in sec2 but kuo rejected(that’s another very long incident. hais.). never the less. i didnt graduate from my dear first serious cca without a single post. a lot i think i have to thanks the seniors.

then in jc. if without jem telling jiaolian. i think i wont even (haha. too bad.i know aileen before that.) know all the wonderful people. i wont even have a cca. or at least that i want the most during that period of time.

and now. an interview that i went there only to um-um-ah-ah. i think the number of words i said didnt even go past 40. woah.

39s la.

anyway. i decided to go back to fred even if his lessons are at the helly hour in the morning. ginger is still the older one hotter. the angmoh is interesting. but only fred has the content. go fred!! im going for ur lessons even if they are like 8am in the morning. i need to do my work. seriously.

mr.children 旅立ちの唄 Live PV

omg. why is there such a nice song on earth.

Greeeen Be Free PV [another great song]

from 6feb onwards, 陳鳳玲 will be 陳靚(as in jing4. and yesh. it is the same word as 靚仔靚女that靚)

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