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February 4, 2008

went this mad shopping trip with chinshyan and eunice last wk. actually it was the thu and fri that just went past. we are really mad. being old deliquents like us, we went out of school grounds in btw lessons to shop in *gasp* chinatown. hahahahahaha. it sounds quite absurd but chinatown sure have stuff to shop too. im quie shock actually. then we came back to school for one more lecture before heading down to bugis for another round of shopping. haha.

then on fri after lessons and welfare pack giveaway and all. we went down to town. haha. started from far east then moved to cine area. seriously. if it was a 8-hr shopping trip kind i would have died. but i realised im quite suitable for this type of 4 hrs at a go shopping. didnt really buy stuff though (as always) but i guess since i started new year shopping from dec last year, i’v gotten myself some really cool stuff for the new year.

and while we were at cine we saw the filming of 唯我獨尊!! actually it was like rather late around 11pm plus and that it was also like drizzling, there wasnt a lot of people. but guess what. 明哥 is like one of the judges. yup. the 明哥 who gives all the juicy gossips on you-weekly each wk. hais. i think he is going to be famous very very soon. haha. from the trend that his blog is getting more hits and now he’s like a judge in some variety-star-searching programme.

oh. and i saw my favorite contestant of star search in school on.. wed. oh gosh. he’s really much better on tv. hahahahahahahaha. he wore this damn ugly pants and had this ugly sunglasses on his collar (as in he wasnt wearing it so he kind of hang it on his collar). super ugly. haha. i think he was there for japanese lessons. apparently from the timeslot he’s still in japanese1.

and the hotel show started on thu. shit. which means that i have to watch ep2 before 10pm tmr in order to catch up.

found this on youtube. it’s like this whole series of fashion show(?)/publicity act by G.O.D. they really did weird stuff. like catwalking in the middle on the road. faking this pinic in the middle of the pedestrian crossing.

catwalking in the middle of the road.

Undressing/Transforming in the MTR
Catwalk in MTR
Rush hour picnic
Crosswalk slumber party
and all these are to publicise Delay No Mall: lifestyle store by G.O.D.

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