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my these 3 days’ budget curve is at the same gradient as my indifference curve.

February 10, 2008

kabu!! 滿足滿足滿足!! hahahaha. omg. in econs terms, im so full of utils!! hahahaha. went to catch 3 films/musical in this 3 days. wah. this is damn good.



i think i am the only person in the family who likes this show so much. haha. maybe because i wasnt expecting much from it in the first place. kungfu hustle didnt even have a plot, so i went in thinking ‘er. so maybe this wont have a plot too’ and didnt really place big hopes on the whole film.

and it turns out to be quite cool. the plot was quite predictable la. but i like the characters a lot. xujiao’s dicky chow, 七仔, dicky’s elitist teacher who has this bad hongkong accent, dicky’s pretty female teacher, ti chow, dicky’s huge friend, dicky’s rich classmate, dicky’s rich classmate’s 打手; they are all really good. xujiao’s like a naturally good actress,her expressions are all priceless.

so cj7 actually talks abt this poor father(Ti) and his son(dicky), and despite them being poor the father works like crazy at a construction site in order to send his son to a elite school. everyone, including the bad hongkong accent teacher, in the school dislikes dicky because he is poor and doesnt have a shoe to go for PE. so one day his rich friend brought this toy dog to school called cj1 and dicky really wants one too. so his dad went to the garbage pile and got him a lime green ball and bluff to him thatit’s even cooler than cj1, and it’s called cj7. so later on dicky realised that it’s actually like an alien dog and the story continues with their adventure with the new pet (alien) dog.

i think what i really like abt this film is that the humor is no longer the usual stephen chow slapstick humor. it’s less in your face but more of ‘eh? omg. like that also can. hahahahahahaha.’ kind of comedy. and of course xujiao (oh ya. there was once i brought the iweekly with this quote from xujiao and has a little picture of her in skirt long hair and all.and me jingxian and eunice started laughing because she kind of look a little like cross dressing more than a little cute girl. haha. sorry sorry. but i dunno leh. she looks funny with like plaits and skirt)

Ah Long Pte Ltd

actually i thought this was like ‘just follow law’ part2 or something like that. fann wong. sissy man. manly woman. oh. and jack neo and his jokes that poke fun at the government(“reach work early at 530. spend 3 hours drink teh-o. cant be serious~ beep beep beep” hahahaha. okay. that’s not jackneo).

this time it isnt so much of poking fun but just plainly a story abt ah longs. and how fann wong hopes to revamp the whole ah long system. mark lee’s character is not as impt in this film, the emphasis is more on fann wong or maybe even richardLow.

oh ya. another thing that i like is the gangsters spoke in cantonese!! hahaha. as in all along all the singapore dialect films used hokkein/teochew but not really cantonese (maybe just man in white). but the gangsters really sound much nicer in canto. haha.less coarse ah.


this is actually not a film but a musical at esplanade theatre. the story talks abt this young man called wen chong and he plays the violin and like other chinese young people had great hopes the future and the nation. mindee ong’s Tu Yun is also a lady in her early twenties and not rich. so wen chong was to set off to join the army to fight against the Japanese (so i presume WWII) and before he set off, Shanghai had a blackout and in the midst of chaos he met tu yun beneath a bridge. they talked to each other for a while and before long they fell in love with each other. they vowed to meet again after the war at the same place (under the bridge) but forgot to ask each other’s name; actually because of the blackout they didnt even know how each other looks like. so the war went on for 8 whole years before they finally defeated the Japanese. wen chong is back and he hopes to find tu yun, but tu yun, in order to get a living, now works in a nightclub as a nightclub singer.

coincidentally wen chong’s aunt owns the nightclub and so he too works in that nightclub. they dont know that the other person is the one they ahd been longing for for 8 years and ironically they live on the same block; one on the level above the other. then this girl from the 鄉下 called dan lei (emma yong) starts to live with tu yun (of some reason la. very lazy to explain). she sees wen chong and too falls in love with him. dan lei went on and joined this beauty pageant because her family neede the prize money. at the same time she gained fame, she lost other stuff la. wen chong was quite unsure whether he likes dan lei. in one occasion wen chong told tu yun (who was at loggerheads with him) abt the girl he met under the bridge 8 years ago. it was then tu yun found the guy she was too waiting for la. but he didnt believe her. she went on to get an angmoh to help wen chong in lots of stuff and in exchange she would have to be with the angmoh Livingstone. but of course they met again, with some help from dan lei, at the same bridge and coincidentally that night shanghai had another blackout.

i think this is damn good. haha. it’s like the first chinese theatre performance i ever watched and it’s a musical somemore. the last time i tot a performance that is really great is ShuAn and Leon’s camelot. the dances were quite mesmerising, and somemore they had only like 10 people dancing only but it looked like a lot of people. they had a live band right in the middle of the stage comprising (of what i can remember and of what i could see) of a bass guitar, guitar, bass, keyboard, erhu, trumpet. it was really cool. and the moveable props. hahaha. wah. i like it a lot leh. as in you know normally during choral drama night they will have like a 10sec blackout and then several people dressed in black pants and shirts will then dash out and attempt to move the props quietly and swiftly. their props are like on ropes and they just use the ropes to move them up and down.

and it’s the first time of my life i see william so upclose.i think if this happened when i was in P6 or something i would have been jumping around in joy or something like that. but woah. this is like the first time i see a hongkong artiste in life action so close in front of me. oh ya.and the actors mics. haha. at first i thought like why everyone seem to have funny hairstyle with like a tiny bunch of hair stuck out in the middle of the top of their forehead. then i realised it’s actually a mic. haha. oh gosh. actually from several male actors,it’s quite obvious they had wires on their back and all the whole up to their neck and on top of their head and then end on the top of their foreheads. it’s quite disturbing at times la, when their mics protrude too much out.

i think it’s really good leh. the first half (before the intermission) i was still quite distracted and wasnt putting all my attention on the musical. as in i was like looking at their moving lights and their hanging mics and the mic on their heads. and then sometimes on the wonderful props. and then sometimes on the stage lights. my mind wanders off every now and then. it was only the second half when i was totally into the whole musical. oh ya. before the intermission i dunno why their backdrop suddenly cracks open in the middle and reveals the cyc. what’s that suppose to symbolise? oh ya. and for the first half they kept singing 愛得正好 and i was cringing everytime they were singing it. cos it’s the same tune but they changed the lyrics and it sounds damn weird. and somemore they got william so and the mood wasnt there la when they used 愛得正好. as in i kept thinking abt kit chan. and a few times they played it on the keyboard and it sounded so much like a charity show. haha. sorry.

and there was an angmoh character in the musical and he of course sang an english song. so i was like thinking ‘haiya. actually now i feel like to go for an english musical. aiyah. why never go beauty world..’

but overall i tot it was really good. the emotions ah.the singing. the dancing. i clapped really hard at the end. and i guess everyone clapped really hard too for them cos it was really good. it’s really inspiring. i tot all along i only liked film and theatre was like a film performed live. but actually it’s a different form of art and it’s really nice.

oh ya. shanghai blues is adapted from a film and then into a stage play. the original film was by kenny bee, sally yeh and sylvia chang in 1984. director tsui hark (this is quite shocking right. never i tot tsui hark will make love stories).

Sally Yeh – 晚風 (which is the theme song of the film and also of the Shanghai Blues play)

okay la. another thing.went to ann chong’s hse for a mahjong session and lost. we played like 10cents20cents and i lost $3.40. wa. okay. i really need some luck. and somemore i tried talking to the tiles (as learnt from 雀圣2. haha) but it didnt work also. another mj session kay. today’s one too short la. i left so early. haha.

and i finished revolving doors of vengeance on tudou till ep3.i think it’s quite a feat already. depsite the new year and we had things to do, more movies to watch.haha. it’s quite weird but it seems like everyone around me,except me, had finished the drama long ago. haha. and okay la. it’s quite nice. and i have a feeling that joe ma’s character is actually a nice guy. as opposed to like the car show (which u think he is good at first but turned into someone bad la). and ron ng’s so much better in this drama than in like the academy.

a little short promo by tvb for jadeHD channel. it’s 10sec long but features 12artistes.
someone compiled the longer version one but with only moses chan, sonjia kwok, kate tsui, raymond lam and fala chen.
and they are now showing 華麗一族 on jadeHD in 16:9. hais. i wanna watch too.

[omg. this post has tons of grammatical errors. sorry. but im really too lazy to go correct them. just ignore them la. haha.]

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