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February 11, 2008


guess what. from AY2008/2009 NTU is coming up with several new programmes. first. double degree in engineering and economics. hahahaha. and number 2. a double degree course in business administration and accountancy.

and a new course in engin called ‘information engineering and new media’. which teaches core engin stuff together with adm modules and weekimwee modules. to make u a like 片場 technician engineer kind of course. haha. actually the first thing that i tot of was like mrng or mrzuffri.

excuse me evil land. can u see how ntu is adopting to the changing world? stop being so stubborn and start an aerospace course la. then maybe i’ll stop considering going over le.

okay la. application is now open. and i checked out the application form. it’s quite okay. but while trying to find ‘aerospace engineering’ i suddenly find this super long course called ‘aerospace engineering and economics’. ahhhh. wth la. haha. but even if i go over i dont think i wanna do ddp anymore. as in ddp forces me to do all my breadth/electives in economics. when i want to do like maybe japanese or theatre studies.

and im really gonna give myself till 15feb to really decide whether im gonna fill up that form. and if i’ve decided on adm i’ll pia my portfolio in 10days to send it over. i guess that’s the best plan already. actually all along im scared that i wont like to study arts history/theatre studies those sort of modules. oh. and drawing human bodies (u got to see the ones i drew in sec2. hahahahaha). but i guess after some thoughts la. i think i will come to like them. all comes down to whether i’ll be worried abt future in obtaining a fine arts degree (somemore not from a reputably reputable arts school) than to obtain a confirm-no-worry-got-job engin degree. and if it’s an aero degree the better somemore.

i mean if i get the fine arts degree will be like making my interest into my job la. but im not saying it’s good either. cos when u make ur interest ur job u may ultimately lose ur interest(like how when u really like a sport but once u start playing it competitively, u find that it’s not that simple) and end up even more miserable as ever. and somemore that industry is not a simple one. it’s famous for being messy, hectic those sort. if my interest is not my job, then working with aeroplanes everyday i also very happy then i go home still can spend time watching films, attending plays and be an audience la. hais.

but the thing is if u tell me i can go for any intern i like and confirm will get it, i will still apply for one that is related to arts. it’s a.. dilemma la. on one hand i like it a lot, but on the other im quite worried that ultimately i should have chosen the other route. and actually if u ask where my knowledge lies,i will really say ‘a very strong grounding in engineering’ cos all my knowledge that i think i can fight with those at uni level will be my math, my physics. im like a 村姑 in arts. my drawing is still at my sec2 level. i dont know a single artist well.

i think i shd meet yueyun again before this fri. haha. one last time abt transferring. hey yueyun,im learning matlab this sem!! hahahaha.

Mr. Children – しるし “HOME” Tour 2007 Live
Mr. Children – しるし Music Lovers Live

now i know. 半信半疑 is pronounced as ‘han shin han yigi(pardon my bad hearing)’.see. my kanji level is at the 成語 level one u know. hahahahahahahahaha.

作詞: 桜井和寿
作曲: 桜井和寿

どんな言葉を選んでも どこか嘘っぽいんだ
左脳に書いた手紙 ぐちゃぐちゃに丸めて捨てる


ダーリンダーリン いろんな角度から君を見てきた
そのどれもが素晴しくて 僕は愛を思い知るんだ

僕らは似ているのかなぁ? それとも似てきたのかなぁ?

それもいい その方がいい

ダーリンダーリン いろんな顔を持つ君を知ってるよ
小刻みに 鮮明に 僕の記憶を埋めつくす

泣いたり笑ったり 不安定な想いだけど

ダーリンダーリン いろんな角度から君を見てきた
ダーリンダーリン Oh My darling
狂おしく 鮮明に 僕の記憶を埋めつくす


不論想用怎樣的措辭 聽來總帶有謊言的味道
最後寫下的這封信 糅成破皺的紙團給丟棄


Darling Darling
不管哪個都是很美好的妳 讓我懂得了什麼是愛
半信半疑 為了不受到傷害的警戒線
如今 在一種微妙的感覺裡 你在告訴我線在哪裡

我們現在就像是這樣吧 還是我們一直都是這樣呢

這樣也沒關係 這樣也可以

Darling Darling
過去到現在是做了些什麼 回想起來便覺得痛苦啊
不如一點一滴生動深刻地 填滿我全部的記憶

時而哭泣 時而歡笑

Darling Darling
就算已無法再一起攜手度日 但這愛還會繼續下去的啊
Darling Darling
歷歷在目般鮮明的你 填滿了我全部的記憶
Darling Darling

Orange Range 花

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