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again. but this time i have Nin Jiom Pei Pa Kao.

February 16, 2008

actually i was already expecting it. yesh. im sick again. this time with runny nose and a quite bad sore throat. i guess if i were to pinpoint something for this time round, i think it will have to be sleeping too late for too long. i noe at like our age of 19 sleeping late shd be of no problem but i dunno, i think im someone who needs to slp and if u deprive me of slp i’ll just get sick. it may sound absurb but ever since sch started i’ve been slping only around 3-4hrs a day. and i can feel that my body is starting to not take it already. okay. for the nxt 2 wks i shall promise myself an 8 hrs slp a night because mid terms is really too near.

2 things. it was masha’s burfday!! hahahaha. i think i was too in the cny mood that i forgot it was masha’s burfday till like i saw wanbao’s report just now. and guess what. he says that he wants to get married before 40. he said a few times already la, but i guess no one tot he was serious abt this when he has been all talk and no action. and.. he’s already 39. which leaves only 355 days to find his wife. haha.

福山雅治想婚頭 一年內搞定
自由時報╱自由時報 2008-02-16 06:03





栗山千明變裝 甜蜜約會



and some pictures from his allnightnippon blog.


The Nippon Academy-sho Association’s 31st Japan Academy Awards results was out yesterday with Tokyo Tower: Okan to boku to, tokidoki, oton won the most number of awards. yayyyy. it was nominated in 13 categories, winning 5.

Best Picture: Tokyo Tower
Best Animated Picture: Tekkon Kinkreet
Best Director: Joji Matsuoka (Tokyo Tower)
Best Screenplay: Suzuki Matsuo (Tokyo Tower)
Best Actor: Hidetaka Yoshioka (Always: Zoku Sanchome no Yuhi)
Best Actress: Kirin Kiki (Tokyo Tower)
Best Supporting Actor: Kaoru Kobayashi (Tokyo Tower)
Best Supporting Actress: Masako Motai (Soredemo Boku wa Yattenai)
Best Music: Michiru Oshima (Bizan)
Best Cinematography: Takahiro Tsutai (Bizan)
Best Lighting Direction: Yoshitake Hikita (Bizan)
Best Art Direction: Kyoko Heya (Soredemo Boku wa Yattenai)
Best Sound Recording: Hitoshi Tsurumaki (Always: Zoku Sanchome no Yuhi)
Best Film Editing: Junichi Kikuchi (Soredemo Boku wa Yattenai)
Best Foreign Language Film: Letters From Iwo Jima

from Twitch

and letters from iwo jima won best foreign film. haha. and. joe odagiri didnt clinch the best actor title. haiya.

‘Tokyo Tower’ tops Japanese awards
Film wins five prizes including picture, director

Helmer Joji Matsuoka’s “Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad,” a mother-son relationship drama based on a memoir by illustrator Lily Franky, scooped five awards including best picture and director at the Japan Academy Awards, held Friday in Tokyo.

Kiki Kirin won the actress prize for playing the pic’s dying, but salty-tongued, mother, while Kaoru Koyabashi nabbed the supporting actor award for his turn as the scapegrace absent father. “Tokyo Tower” scripter Masuo Suzuki won for screenplay.

Actor prize went to Hidetaka Yoshioka for his perf as the struggling novelist in the nostalgic drama “Always 2.” The thesp picked up the same prize for the same role in the original “Always” in 2006.

Animation laurels went to “Tekkonkinkreet,” an action/fantasy toon directed by American Michael Arias, while the foreign film award was given to Clint Eastwood’s “Letters From Iwo Jima.”

Supporting actress was awarded to Masako Motai for her role as the mother of a businessman accused of molesting a school girl in Masayuki Suo’s courtroom drama “I Just Didn’t Do It.”

The 31st awards go to more mainstream pics than the local critics’ prizes sponsored by newspapers and magazines.

東京にもあったんだ(Live 2007). By Masha, Theme song of Tokyo Tower.

Masha’s interview some time ago regarding him and his 結婚観.
Xylish Ad

oh ya. saw on this like old issue of first magazine talking abt Sugar & Spice. haha. kay. im gonna watch it later. looks quite nice. and the cast’s not bad too.

went chingay preview yesterday but will update on that later. photos not uploaded into the computer yet. but chingay is so so so much better watched live than on tv.

someone combined galileo’s vs.~知覚と快楽の螺旋~ and 古畑任三郎’s theme song on piano.

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