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February 27, 2008

okay. i just got a wake up call. that i seriously have to start mugging or im gonna get CAP 2 this sem. seriously. even with my favourite CS around. cos CS is freaking seriously hard. and math. and pc. and econs. i need to mug man. especially the econs that is so not econs. oh. and 1108.

and now the most urgent thing on my hand now is actually to call ac abt me not able to attend founder’s day. hais. why am i persuaded by her to go founder’s day when i was so firm abt not attending it already? hais.

and my proposal for fright night is not out yet. okay. tonight and tmr. finish proposal and study. tmr send out the documents and write the essay for application for c n yang.

and fri i can then do what i need to do. and sat too. 拜六,過了拜六就好了。 oh damn. i havent do anything concrete for our js project yet.and i have not even touched the 2 books i borrowed from central library.

okay. thicken my face skin. be firm. and tell the lady i cant go for founder’s day. yesh.

on the other hand, i tot this wk is rather lucky for me. even with the piling work on me, this wk was quite happy. first off. guess who’s on this wk’s iweekly? hahahahaha. thomas ong!! yayyayyyyyy. haha. the topic was on kidult with him and nat ho. i tot it was a erm.. rather old topic since the whole kidult thing started a few years ago. but still.yayyyyy.

second thing. i managed to catch 我們的飯店 the first time since it started airing despite all the work and stuff. haha. i think it’s really good. the story’s rather cliche but it was still quite well done. i tot the script’s rather well done. very simple and in one hr it brings across a simple idea through a simple story. different each wk. a little bit like the format for japanese dramas. oh. i think the 9pm show now is quite well done too. haha. the 1-rm flat show.

another thing. me and jasmine went back to ac today. haha. met felicia tan (whom i havent met for a long long time) and of course our favourite gplow. and… skw!! hahahahahaha. somemore we saw him 3 times. once in canteen, once outside staff rm and once inside staff rm. hahahahahaha. i mean it’s not tat easy to meet him in sch since out of the 10 times i went back i only saw him today. haha. oh. and did i say we went into the staff rm? haha. felicia tan brought us in. and we kind of made sure we take a good look at all the teachers’ tables. and have a good time listening to the paging system.

update: hahahahahaha. look at this.

u know i just checked my top 25 most played playlist on my laptop (with a new macdonalds sticker on it) and guess which song is on no. 1? yumeji’s theme. hahahahaha. this is so weird. but i guess i really listen to it a lot. as opposed to my pc where my no.1 song is ahem. eternal flame. hahahahahahaahaha.

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