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March 7, 2008

havent really found much time recently to do anything. got tonnes of things i wanna blog abt but it’s like almost 430am and im still not on bed. managed to finish cs lab this wk. phew. but i guess i hafta not waste time this wkend and do everything that i need/want to do.

a very short post on this guy i just found out. Masaya Kakehi (hey, he has the same name as lily franky!!) is a director. quite new. directed loss:time:life and also the upcoming sweet rain which is his first feature film.

i wouldnt say he’s a very special director. but not bad la. oh. he’s also the script writer for loss:time.the first episode was not bad but subsequently it sort of went downhill. kind of looking forward to his first feature film. it’s adopted from a novel and starring kaneshiro takeshi (his last japanese movie was returner).

went to his blog and website. he’s quite cool la. esp in the area of his illustrations and comic.


a little update on JS. haha. we have moved on to language now (the previous few lectures were on history). not bad. i kind of like EmiMorita. and i tot if that i would come to dislike this module when it’s taken as a module. but now i really wanna go on SEP. i am free.

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