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It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

March 7, 2008

woah. i didnt know they used Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence theme for this trailer. but anw, there’s some sort of arguments on youtube right now abt whether raintree has the rights to use this music as the bg music. haha. the ppl on youtube sure have a lot of stuff to say.

watch them perform live;

anw. i feel like watching leap years. no. i think everybody around me seems to want to watch leap years too. haha. woah. first time everyone’s giving so much support to a local film. oh. and august rush’s coming out too. or is out? but watch that. i think it shd be not bad.

oh ya. and i think the 9pm show is getting nicer and nicer. at first the trailer was nice. episode 1 was not disappointing. and now it’s getting even nicer. how to say ah. it’s funny if u just want to get entertained. but at the same time it’s sort of like a social commentary. beneath all the stupid stuff the bunch of neighbours are doing, it actually reflects a lot of stuff happening in singapore now. and unlike like maybe hand leg, this drama is much light hearted and in some way it’s a little similar to how our sitcoms are filmed but yet it has a strong storyline going on. and the actors are all damn good. actually most of them normally play like small characters in those big mediacorp productions but here when they themselves are the lead, they make the drama even more interesting.

oh. and there’s jiang chengxi. yay. haha.

Joe Hisaishi Princess Mononoke Symphonic Suite

Band performed a shorter version of this in one of the nanyang arts fest i think. or is it band concert? but woah. a version with joe hisaishi as conductor. cool.

Princess Mononoke – Joe Hisaishi 2006 (Piano, violin, er hu and gu zhen)
Madness – Joe Hisaishi
Hana Bi
Howl Moving Castle Main theme
태왕사신기 (太王四神記) main theme

sidetrack a bit. haha. watch this boy perform Czardas. haha. mad. and also round of the goblins.

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