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Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.

March 13, 2008

nevermind the papers gave it a 2-stars review, i like it anyway. no. actually i like this quite a lot. haha.

it is almost how you see from the synopsis and trailer, 2 persons, who meet only every other feb 29th. stars Wong li-lin, Ananda Everingham, Qi Yu Wu and Joan Chen [the last 2 are also in the home song stories]. and a few surprises here and there by like Vernetta Lopez as Li-Ann’s good friend and er.. who do u expect to cameo in a movie with Wong Li-lin?

like how many critics put it, the film has fallen into the line of cliche-ness, like maybe the typical girl-meet-boy story and only to realise what what what when she’s getting married to someone else, but i thought it had so much more than what it seems to be giving. the little things la. i particularly like the part where Ananda’s Jeremy after getting the little note from Li-Ann used a lipstick to write ‘OK’ on his hands and dashes onto the road as his reply. and of course i love the interaction betwen Li-Ann and her 3 other friends.

oh. and another thing. other than English, the film’s mainly in cantonese!! woah. it’s really a nice surprise for me. first ‘ah long pte ltd’ and now this has cantonese too. and finally. i am hearing Qi Yu Wu’s canto.

actually to think abt it now. the film really has some parts that are really cliche. like the calendar with a quote part, the lying on the roof part.. oh. and the Qi Yu Wu and er.. so spoiler.. but yah, the Qi Yu Wu’s part.. and QiYuWu running in with the love letter. oh. actually it’s quite cliche leh. ahhahahahahahaha.

but i dunno why. but i really really enjoyed this movie a lot. if u stop being so rational, go in and just fall straight into the film’s world, this movie’s actually quite nice. and quoting from somewhere i forgot – i have never seen singapore so beautiful on film. maybe it could be better, maybe they could have more locations, but it made singapore look rather nice.

and this film has casted so many beautiful people. so beautiful that it’s rather hard to find such a bunch of people in real life.

oh. and i just found out that all the joan chen’s parts were filmed by a different group of people, some sort of marketing gimmick by raintree to attract more audience by casting joan chen. she acts as the older Li-Ann and her story comes in segments in the film and acts as a transition to bring different parts of the film together and at the same time maybe have some breathing space between the different leap years. but i dunno. the editing and transition between he 2 time periods are quite bad, some dialogues were so plainly redundant and forceful, the filming style was so different. okay la. simply i really disliked the whole ‘future’ part.

oh. and QiYuWu’s KS. woah. although his character is really small, his airtime may be even lesser than joan chen, but he’s not bad in this movie. i like him in this film more than.. maybe that guy who hugs a chicken. haha. haiya. why xieshaoguang?

and how to say. there are films that will make me talk a lot about it after watching it. and there are some that will leave me with a bittersweet feeling for days to come. and this comes as the latter.

Christopher Doyle on BBC

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