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March 21, 2008

Watch the high quality version here

My sister introduced this PV to me. Order made by Radwimps. woah. i love the PV concept. haha. lyrics as follows.

Maybe, someone asked about me
Someone from somewhere, before I was even born
I leave you a choice: Past or future
Which one? Which one do you want?

So, I choose the past
So I could make myself a caring person
Instead of a strong one
So I can understand what are memories

So as I was saying, someone said to me
I will leave you two arms, two legs, two mouths, two ears, two eyes
Two hearts, two chests, and two nose holes
Ain’t that fine? Ain’t that fine?

But I made a wish
One mouth alone is enough
So I can’t argue with myself
So I can only kiss one person

I want to forget it all, but I can’t, how is this feeling called?

That kinda grumpy person
Started speaking again
The most important of all hearts
Is between both our chests
Ain’t that fine? Ain’t that fine?

And again, I made a wish
Excuse me, I don’t want to have a heart at my right side
Sorry for being so sly
It’s because I have someone really important to me
And this is so that when I hug her, I understand that it beats on both sides of our chests

Left is mine, right is yours
Left is yours, right is mine
So I can learn to lose alone
So I can’t learn to live alone

I want to forget it all, but I can’t, how is this feeling called?
My chest seems to make noises, it brings me memories
How can I call this feeling?

Speaking of which, one more thing
Can we give tears a flavor option?
Even though there’s nothing left, there’s nothing stopping us now
Some people don’t even want to choose because it’s so hard
What are you gonna choose? What are you gonna choose?

So, I made a wish
So I could be a caring person
Instead of a strong one
So I could learn what is actually important
So, speaking of which, at least choose the tears flavor
With the flavor you like the most
Be it sour, be it salty
Be it spicy, be it sweet
Choose the one you like the most
Which one? Which one?

Your wishes came true, right?
So, show me your crying face
Ok, show me it proudly

Thank you so much, truely
I made everything so hard
But, may I ask you something?
Don’t I know you from somewhere?

the lyrics alone is rather different or even kind of weird. and the PV is even weirder. haha. but so cool.

Another good one, 有心論 by Radwimps too. again the PV concept is damn good. i didnt realise this but my sis pointed out that 00:43 where the 2 images of the lead singer part, the music is actually a combination of 2 with very different beats but yet sounds not bad together.

いいんですか? LIVE
me me she
me me she LIVE

finally saw the Last Friend cm my sis was talking abt some time ago. omg. the biggest shock in my life la. what happened to ueno juri? cos finally a show that stars ueno juri and eita. so excited. and ueno juri is like this? omg.

i guess this drama is going to serve as some sort of social commentary. focusing on the different relationships between people today. and the 5 leads are like the up and coming(self proclaimed) artistes today. haha. stars Ueno Juri, Eita, Nagasawa Masami, Nishikido Ryo and Mizukawa Asami(i like her a lot in nodame).

errr.. hahaha. ueno juri is quite daring la.

this is capped from the 30s teaser. quite cool too.

last friend cm can also be watched on youtube. theme song is prisoner of love by Utada Hikaru. nice nice.

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