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April 1, 2008

heyyyyyy. i didnt know there was a 超級無敵掌門人 crossover for 小氣大財神 last year. haha. the 掌門人 crew brought their games over: the seaweed passing game and the pingpong ball sucking game. while the 小氣大財神 went on with their lie dice game.

the whole thing spans over 2 episodes with around one episode with focus on the 掌門人 games and one on the 小氣大財神 games.

the 2nd episode

and it’s interesting that they are having eric tsang and bao-ma tgt on one show. hahaha. they’ve been laughing abt bao-ma for so long and finally, they got eric tsang to come. haha.

but i still like the episode the last time they got hk people on the show.

and a short note. i dont know why but my ear hole is like swelling and turing red again. ahhh.and this time it keep having this tinging sensation that is making like my whole ear feel pain. ahhhhhh.

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