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April 13, 2008

from the cm i already expected this to be some sort of a social commentary. like 神啊!請給我多一點時間 (hahahahaha. somehow i think the chinese title for this drama is cooler). it discusses some of the issue of the current generation. but woah. what shocked me is how 精致 it is. and how it’s so 富有現代感. it’s so modern looking. and i dunno. it is really a very daring drama i hafta say.

some caps the opening.

Masami Nagasawa. okays. i will stop saying that she is fat. she’s quite pretty la. her part focuses on (like the word on her right) love. she has a broken family, a lousy mother and a boyfriend who exercise domestic violence. and a high school friend who likes her.

Eita!! and Ueno Juri!! yay. nodame. hahaha.

Ueno Juri is. hmm. a motorcross racer. and she sort of keeps herself from the norms. she dont follow the crowd in a way.

till now we dont really know much abt eita. he’s a make-up artiste. a bartender. so practically a very modern person.

Mizukawa Asami is a CA. not much have been said abt her too. i think she will like eita.

ryo works in this welfare unit for abused kids. and yet he’s damn violent to masami’s character.

watch the OP on youtube.

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