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phew.’s time to study.

April 18, 2008

finally. i(actually it was me and jasminepang) handed up our project to dear shumin’s box at 4:05pm. and the end of my torment. while the rest are all finished and done with their ctw, i was still struggling with our paper. finally. really. a huge rock off my back. 2 projects for 2 sems. really fj-ing.

and now. it’s time for me to start mugging. i think this really sounds very bullshit, but i really have not sit down to study properly since school started. there were cca commitments, the project, readings and i-dunno-whats. i knew i went to school. but i kept pushing the learning process backwards. it was like, okay, i shall finish this chapter after my so-and-so. but the day to study did not come. things came pouring in. and yesh. now. it is now. i still have 8 more days. and my exam will finish in a wk. damn. 8 days to compensate my 4mths of not studying.

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