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teeweewee. telebi.

April 25, 2008

7pm also have him. 10pm also have him. he famous le la. hahahahahaha.
wah. actually there’s quite a lot of blogs here. and they’re actually quite nice to browse through. haha. like er. bernice just came to spore. hais. why i never see her. and that joe ma got a new haircut. cool. got charles sezto somemore. haha. but no sam chan. hais.

from RonNg’s blog

sidetrack. hahahaha. this pv is so 跳痛.

JERO – 海雪

zaizaizai. hahahahahahahaa. read from somewhere that he got influence from his grandma. watch his interview.


Proposal Daisakusen

Enka No Joou

hahahahahahahaa. okay la. maybe im the only one who’s thinking they are quite interesting.

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