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May 17, 2008

okay la. i shall recall my last blog spot. after watching last friends i dont feel so stressed up now. full of energy. yay. but to warn u first. super boring long post on last friends coming.

havent been posting up caps from last friends. partially because im getting a little lazy on that. and secondly i really dunno how to caps for these few episodes. the scenes are good when u watch them but when u caps it sorts of lose the impact. and so i think might as well dont cap already.

but episode 6 really made me very angry just watching it. why is everyone so stupid. hai. lack of communication and common sense!! hai hai.

especially the scene on top. my sis suggested that i cap it and put a huge ‘STUPID’ on it. but aiyah. that’s a little too mean. not that the action was stupid. but eita seriously chose a wrong time, wrong place, wrong situation. hai. and michiru who is still going back to sosuke. hai hai.

been reading some of the posts from d-addicts. and finally. someone who thinks like me. because all from the start most people labeled ruka as a na-na-na or that she hates being a girl. but somehow that’s not what i see her to be. as in. i do not really consider ruka as a na-na-na. okay. first off. i dont think ruka hates being a girl that she wants to become a boy. but more of that she sees herself as gender-less. there are so many incidents that she has expressed this idea.

she hates seeing herself as a girl. but i dont think she wants to be a boy, and even to go to thailand [haha. u know what i mean]. but that she just take herself as gender-less. and this may be why she is closing herself up to the rest of the world. and that she likes michiru not because she is some na-na-na but because michiru as michiru. as a human being. i dont think ruka is interested in the rest of the female population in this sense. but only michiru. but somehow i think ruka sort of mistaken what she feels for michiru also. because michiru is the only person she feels that she has interactions with on the spiritual level and so she tot she like her. or at least how it seems la. while michiru is different. she sees ruka as more of like a friend. a friend from school.

and another evident we can see is from how ruka treats the other man as compared to eita. ruka’s nice to eita i think not because he is gay or he is like a sister. but more of like she dont label eita as a man. the rest of the male population, ruka sort of place a label on them. like ‘you are a man and you are also a man’. like how she talks to other man, she will deliberately talk in a lower tone and she somehow will place them out of her comfort zone. but eita. i think she take him as another human being. as opposed to a man. like the time when she went to find him after getting kissed by her coach. eita asked if she was scared of him and she replied ‘no. if it’s takeru then it’s okay’ or something like that.

you know.

oh ya. and my favourite line for ep6: ‘I built a wall around my heart and not let anyone in. Because i’m scared that the others will see the real me and dislike me.’ [omg. my translation is really quite bad. haha. but ya. my favourite line. i think this is how many people feels ba.]

and my favourite line from ep5: ‘Ruka’s always so strong, perfect, loved by everyone and also gifted, in the limelight [那樣閃閃發亮]. But I am a coward, and that is why i understand sosuke’s weakness/fragile-ness.’

hahahahahahaha. sorry for the rambling. har. must have been boring. sorry.

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