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I’ve been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror.

May 29, 2008

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

Yday someone asked me from when did i start to learn cycling. actually to seriously think abt it, i think the first time would be in sec2 when i went to east coast with a few friends. which make that 5 yrs before i manage to cycle from the first time i learn to cycle. haha. omg. 5yrs!! hahahahahahaha.

and i think over 10 people have tried in one way or another to teach me to cycle. and the thing is that the first time i managed to cycle was because there wasnt anyone to teach me and instead i just had a bike and i went over and over on it again till i knew what the bicycle wanted from me. haha. ironic.

so the first time i managed to was last yr july.

the second time i cycled i had jingxian and eunice patiently telling me how to overcome curbs and turns.

and the third time? i went onto roads!! yayyyyy. fun but i guess i was quite a hazard to everyone there. sorry sorry. haha.

Fact of the day 29May2008: I am the person most prone to mosquito bites among all the people I know. so much that the last time we went to pgp to film, all the others felt that it was better to stand beside me cos the mosquito will all go to me and not go to them. hai.

die. results gonna be out soon. damn. i hate that.

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