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July 13, 2008

havent gone to leo’s blog for some time. and wa. he really updated a lot. first new tees from outerspace.

太空Battle T

in conjunction there’s a MC battle and each tee comes with a free cd with a battle track (an empty track with just a beat so that u can rap to it)



Another thing. circus action 4 is asking for 30guys/girls to join in their 熱血巴士. hai. cant join cos im obviously not in tw now. but really looking forward to circus action 4.

and.. leo and 小馬 have a new movie coming up called 態度. a documentary on a basketball team of the same name. opening 17july in tw.


the background music from 1:36 sounds a lot like the one from tokyo tower trailer.

and 黑人 got different artistes to give their interpretation of the word 態度 and at the same time promote the movie. check them out here.

and leo got onto this magazine which u can get free in tw. damn it. i want the magazine.

leo. hai. when can i be like him? haha. sian.


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