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July 27, 2008

waaa. it’s been a long since i sat down properly to blog. a very hectic 3month and i have spent the last few days fighting out with myself in my dilemma. and of course i have an answer now, after thinking through what i want in life and what i want out of my uni education.

went to sc chalet this thu-fri. haha. tried all the drinking stuff i learnt during film camp. haha. seriously, i am like how guai. dislike drinking dislike clubbing. if i know those games it’s some sort of miracle. hahahaha.

house1 ended yesterday. awww. have yet to sign up for house2 cos i was considering hiphop1 but after watching this, i guess im continuing with house2 so that i can be better at that. jack jack jack jack.. and after house2 maybe i will jio yueyun to go down for hiphop one with me.

watched 星光 yday. the theme was idol and u will sing one of your idol’s song in front of him/her and to sing tgt with him/her in another one of his/her song.

and 徐佳瑩 asked for 盧廣仲. hahahahaha. omg. i love this guy. he is so cool. he is as cool as circus la. omg. watch him imitate vitas.

a lot of concerts this 2 months. and the thing is they are all my favourite singers la. first eason. then sodagreen. hai. didnt have the money for a concert and so i didnt go for the eason one and most prob not going for the sodagreen one too. but they are really people that are worth listening to LIVE.

went down to the glass house the other day with ocomm and i didnt know they have live singing at fish&co. hahahaha. and i realised what’s the genre that i like to listen to. pub songs. haha. cos like in timbre and the duo at fish&co are all singing songs that i like. and that i seriously dont listen to a lot of english songs.

went out with sg on fri. haha. long time no see and everyone is still so crazy la. was a little tired and so didnt really camwhore. but nice to see them.

and i met felicia and yueting on thu. haha. got my burfday present from them. thanks a lot!! haha. i admit i was a little too busy during the hols la. i confirm when sch starts i will be super eng. haha.

mooncake show will start tmr night. hope i can rush back in time to catch it on tvants. yay. hk shows. long time no see!!

oh ya. and recently i borrowed this cinematography book from the esplande library. omg. the book is so good. it’s so detailed. but now i really have to be diligent and finish it. not like my premiere pro bk that took me 3 borrows [which is a total of 3×21=63days] and i still could not finish it.and after that move on to film art: an introduction by david bordwell. yay.

oh ya.i watched red cliff. on imdb the comments are quite mixed. with people giving as high as 10outof10 and some 1outof10. i personally love the movie. i have friends who didnt really enjoy it and a father who feels cheated after watching it. hahahaha. cos he first didnt know there is a part2 and secondly he felt that since the title is red cliff, the focus should be the red cliff. haha.

but i love it. the plot ah.the dialogues ah. it’s true they are speaking with modern mandarin. so what. john woo had said that he didnt want to make a boring historical movie but instead to make the audiences feel for the characters. i tot he had succeeded. strong supporter of the original 3kingdoms will tend to not like this movie, but if as a standalone film i tot it was good. and of course i love the cast. tony leung, takeshi kaneshiro, hu jun, lin zhi ling and all the actors from china. i tot they were really good. and comparing with warlords, i tot this is so much better.

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