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tmr is 11aug.

August 10, 2008

i just realised all my modules for the coming sem has wonderful names like signals, data structures and algorithm, digital design, analytical methods in ece and science of music. but all as hellish. hai. hai. hai. i was so close to mach number.

i shall not complain because i made this choice myself. cannot regret. do not whine. i shall learn to love structure. mach number. har? what is that. haha. my signals and fourier series will own the what mach number. haha.


anw, i just realised calefare is done by film formation. not bad leh. i like calefare. though fiona xie’s character is a little irritating. oh. and first class’s not bad too. haha. got sebastian tan la. nice.

now that sch’s starting im starting to regret to not go for more camps. before sports camp we were too busy to do any other stuff. but now to think of it, camps are fun ah. the bathing part is always damn sian but the rest, fun!! haha. okay. nxt yr. act freshie. haha.

Arashi – Truth PV.
wa. love it. watch them live on utaban.

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