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September 14, 2008

Rainbow Song (Niji no Megami)
Ueno Juri, Ichihara Hayato, Yu Aoi

It started with wanting to watch a webcast and i ended up watching a whole movie. haha. rainbow song starring Ueno Juri [Swing Girls, Nodame Cantabile, Last Friends) and Ichihara Hayato (All about Lily Chou-chou, Water boys 2) is not.. bad. i have to say i didnt watch a single of those pure-love movies from japan before this. because i felt that the stories will be very much similar to each other (think early korean dramas). koi zora, be with you and Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World etc. i didnt even bother looking at them. but this has ueno juri. ahhh. and im kind of liking ichihara hayato after repeated viewing of all about lily chou-chou so i tot maybe i could spend some time not thinking about c++ and then to watch a movie that can make me cry and cry. haha.

it turned out okay. but the script. urgh. so much improvement could be made to it. the concept is nice… but not brought out well. like the title rainbow song. im thinking the scriptwriter wants the rainbow thing to be the link between the 2 characters but it sort of lost its direction in the middle. and then the story diverge too much. yes the shots are beautiful but they are not helping with the development of the story. it could be refined!! wasted!!

this script was actually one that was submitted to shunji iwai under his script bowl thing which he set up on his website to encourage people to write scripts, send it over to him and then after judging by a few volunteer judges, if they feel that it’s good they will pass it to a producer.

so it follows the story of this girl who has interest in film making [with a 16mm] and then how she met another guy and it follows till her death which spans over around 2-3 years.

like many others who have watched and made comments on their blogs, what made me continue watching and even to feel that it was a not bad work is actually the actors themslves. the acting is so good. especially on ueno juri’s part. some time ago i read that the director for last friends got ueno juri down for ruka’s role after watching her in rainbow song. ichihara hayato’s lack of ambition, ueno juri’s sabishi-ness (lonely sounds a bit funny. haha) it was so well done. urgh. if only the script was better. wasted wasted wasted.


Mr.Children – HANABI (Live at ap bank fes’08)

mr children’s songs. niceeeee.

Mr.children GIFT (音楽戦士より)
Mr.Children – 少年 (Live) (when he still had his curtained hair.)

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  1. 1minutefilmreview permalink
    September 15, 2008 11:04 pm

    Nice post.

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