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field current motion.

October 21, 2008

if masha can do it, so can harumi.

haha. from galileoZERO. haruma as young yukawa. that famous fleming left hand rule pose.

haha. and there’s also a galileo nds game. interview for Yogisha X no Kenshin.

anw, back from this gem of life preview screening. to say it’s preview, why not say a function where people gather to watch a tvb show. and the screen was rather small. gem of life is worse than i tot, that after getting so disappointed with the car show, i tot gem of life will be kind of a flop too.

and somehow i feel it will. 82 episodes. oh man. thank goodness there’s lee si kei. but no thanks,i’ll stay with my mooncake show.

oh ya. there’s 2 new masha songs. quite a surprise. taking that he doesnt seem to care that much abt his career. go round host my radio show. take some photo. oh. Olympics. go be a reporter. oh. it’s my weekly radio show again. hahahahhaa.

明日の☆SHOW and the cm using this song: その男FIRE
想 ~new love new world~ and this is used in a cm too: Toshiba

and of course KOH+’s 最愛. second collaboration after the first kiss shite.

Kirin Beer CM

found this while looking through youtube. oh man. this is so long ago. but it’s nice to see karasawa and masha together. way before this.

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