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this is reading week.

November 15, 2008

reading week reading week reading week. woo. im glad finally we are having a break from school. but again. this means that exams are here again. i just hope my CAP can go up. nevermind wat CAP i will obtain in the end. just up. i need it to go up desperately.

till now i guess my mid terms grades are acceptable. with the exception of PE which was a flop. urgh. i need to seriously mug for cs.

and after this sem, im sort of glad i chose to stay. and ee’s not that bad as it sounded at first. at least i enjoy counting in binary. and of course the film module saved my rather boring sem. and talking abt that. i was thinking abt this that day; ichikawa kon made a docu on ozu and shunji iwai made a docu on ichikawa kon. i think iwai needs someone to make a docu on him too. if i make it big i’ll make one for him. hahaha. but before that i need to make something BIG. like tokyo story or makioka sisters or lily chou-chou.

okay. need to mug from tmr onwards. and to munch on all the welfare packs food. seeyihui leaving for taiwan tmr. man. the house will be so quiet.

and ha yu won best actor. oh man. i tot it was a raymond lam sure win thing.

Mr.Children – 花の匂い

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    November 19, 2008 11:18 pm


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