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November 18, 2008

woke up this morning full of energy and prepared to mug before i succumbed to temptation. haha. damn it. was tweaking this blog the whole afternoon but in the end i settled for this old look. though i added this expandable posts feature which isnt working too well. because it will insert this ‘undefined’ after the place where the blog post expanded. and i cant seem to find an ans to it. i think it’s sth to do with either my formatting or my widgets. nevermind.

some cool widgets are out on blogger. which i only realised yesterday. and one which i have inserted into the sidebar, the blog list feature. u can add the addresses of blogs which you are reading and it will display the date and the title of the newest blog post. decided to add some blogs which i wont visit normally but will be nice if i know they are updated. quite cool. can check them out at the side bar.

and i watched ep 6 of bloody monday. haha. this is dope la. it’s a drama by miura haruma who is a hacking genius and he got himself involved in this terrorist act where they plan to kill everyone in japan (or not) in order to make themselves god.

but it gets really funny (or irritating) to listen to how they pronounce ‘BLOODY MONDAY’ in this strange tone similar to how Count Dracula in sesame street count. ‘ONE. HAHAHAHAHAHA. TWO..’ Ya. is this what people usually call ‘western superiority’? ‘MARY JANNNEEEE~’

[update]watch this. this is damn funny. if u enjoy circus action‘s style of humor la. and also a chance to see them before season 4 starts.
痴心絕對ORZ!! hahahahahaha.

oh online again. might as well blog dad was talking to me over lunch today abt the ability to do housework and not to live with your parents or parent-in-laws after u get married. so he was commenting that ‘everybody want a man who is rich, good looking and nice. this kind of man are all either married or are swindlers.’

hahahahahaha. i think when my dad gets older,he really talks more and more like a woman.

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