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Good leaders talk 2.0

November 20, 2008

I know i should be studying now but the whole AM thing is really too off-putting till i could not resist and decided to blog again. and today’s abt good leadership which i was thinking between reading paragraphs on amplitude modulation.

This actually came from my primary school discipline mistress. You know like how all of us wish so much that we can be a prefect when we were in primary school, i was lucky enough to be one in pri5. of course i didnt have any big plans for the school and only became one because i tot it was part of this climbing up the hierarchy ladder in school and if i do not become one by the end of my primary school life, it will be such a pity. so i remembered her telling us on the first meeting ‘You do not become a prefect because you think it is cool to wear a tie in school. You do not become a prefect just to show off.’ it was a straight smack in my face because a certain part of me did wanted to become a prefect because it was all so cool to become one.

and now, i’m really afraid that i’ve met someone who is just like me, the primary 5 me. someone who has become a leader not to serve (or rather have not thought of it; high level thinking is required) but because it is ‘oh so cool’. i am really really afraid of this. not that it bothers me constantly, but every time when im free and i settle down to think, it really makes me feel worried of the future.

because you really do not lead because it is ‘oh so cool’. bad leaders. urgh. help me. i’ve always appreciated the secondary school days when you spend your first 2 years in your cca climbing up the hierarchy ladder. no one become a somebody overnight. the first 2 years, you do the saigang and listen to your seniors and learn the ways. secondary 3 will be the first time when you get a chance to do something constructive to your cca and secondary 4 to lead. okay. maybe im a little too narrow minded, but i am totally into this shifu-protege idea. haha. now that we are in uni, and that we are all mature, thinking adults (pui), we are assumed to be able to assume roles from the time we enter this college of never ending hills of staircases. are we? i doubt. but at the same this is so worrying because not much can be done about this.

so all i can now is to hope no one is here because it is ‘oh so cool’. esp the biggest one.

and of course anything said here shall be kept within this tab. close this tab and clear your cache after reading this. and as u can see nothing i assumed here is backed up by evidence and is part of my random rambling and complains.

-. — – / -… .- -.. / .- …. / -.– — ..- / -.-. .- -. / .-. . .- -.. / — — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. .

on another note. Singapore Shorts now have vol.2!! woo.


are artists nowadays too free that they blog more frequently than me. asari yosuke 3hrs ago, ichihara hayato 7hrs ago, sato takeru 1 day, circus leo 1 day, hiroki narimiya 1 day, elmo 1 day and our boo 2 days. haha. check out the sidebar.

and nowadays i’ve reverted back to tv and is watching the 9-11pm slot.the 9pm one for the person who said she will burn her laptop at the end of punggol when her laptop dies and the 10pm one for mr 大蝦 in modern clothing. you know how every time i like a new actor, everybody around me will suddenly tell me like gossips or rumors abt this actor and i end up not liking them again. haha. come tell me some bad stuff abt them. wake me up.

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