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November 24, 2008

i really think the mediacorp people eavesdrops on me every now and then. haha. okay okay. they are filming a new drama that is on engineers!! hahahahaha. i was still complaining a while back about why there isnt a drama on engineers. you know there are dramas on doctors, on firemen, on policemen, on mooncake makers. there isnt one on engineers.

and yes. they are going to make one. after the previous keppel-ice man-cycling one, which i guess has cheated a lot of young girls to go into civil, they are making another one this year. and they are coming to engin to film.

check out iweekly this wk because they devoted to around 3 pages on this new drama. and of course dawnYeoh going to oschool to learn how to dance. you know. engineers are hip la.

new minor this year. pre-requisite gek1542. i feel like doing that but i’m not too good in that area. will borrow the notes from jasmine to see how is it first.

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