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November 27, 2008

i think hongkong like crossovers. previously when i was still reading milk, there are always news abt whowhowho crossover with whatwhatwhat. like adidas crossover with bape for a new type of shoe. those sort of stuff. but i found this in episode 40 of MR.

阿沈 and 碩仔!! hahahahaha. this is esp funny because i’m currently watching FH2 too.

wont they realise she looks strangely similar to dingding? hahahaha. they better go get Dr.koo out la.

and the ironic thing is that apparently linda chang had to leave FH2 because she is shooting MR. haha. nice one.

some other more trivia ones.

my elegant 沛沛. i only just realise that she is also the 拉姐, mosses’ lady boss in his PR firm. haha. she is like how elegant in FH, and she is like some 潑婦 in MR.

and of course im currently watching the 7pm show on channel8.

thousand li eyes one.

long legs seven.

and my favourite strong(brute strength) three.

hahahaha. they look so much better in modern clothing.

and in episode 11, we see

moses chan, raymond lam and ha yu’s imitation of Ah Hong and the grandma. hahaha. together with the erhu redition of 康定情歌 in the background. it’s super funny.

and this is from a quite old trailer of forensic heroes. part one. haha. true la. it applies to both drama quite well. u do bad things, the police will be able to catch you. and if u do bad things, u will get retribution.

林海峰 – 超低能,勁攪笑

i know a lot of people have commented that his idea is not original. but i think the way he criticise teens of today, esp of the 懶音[from 1:43], hahaha, really accurate.

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