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December 18, 2008

i think recent tvb suffers from the ‘damn. i should have just watched the second last episode and forget abt the last’ problem. but. im glad i watched the last episode. episode 19 of Catch Me Now (原來愛上賊) can be regarded as the last episode because you know almost everything u need to know already, episode 20 serves more as an SP.

i admit i knew a certain important element of the ending before really watching it because of the spoilers i got from youtube and wiki. but they still surprised me, perhaps even more than if i didnt know that certain important element.

Catch Me Now is a really low budget production. there is no theme song, no big cast and no big effects. but i love it still. actually i settled for Last One Standing at first, because it reminds me so much of Maou and it’s the genre that i enjoy watching, but i gave up after episode 2. I had certain reservations about Catch Me Now because I was scared that the script could have been bad too given you know the budget.

if we dont count Drive of Life[because i stopped at episode 12], my last Damian Lau drama was Hard Fate. it was a hit then, at least among the people around me, some were kelvin cheng and niki chow fan and some flora chan fan. but i felt a little uncomfortable watching damian lau and flora chan. it was really 不素胡, 不素胡, 不素胡. it was either flora chan trying too hard to act cute or damian lau trying too hard to look suave, so i was kind of happy when he became crazy.

so i had a lot of reservations against damian lau before starting this show, and might the very reason i resisted watching it [joe ma was the other reason]. but i think i have totally changed my mind after watching this. watching michael miu act cool in dicey business was okay at first but when about 3 quarter of the show was over i felt a little uncomfortable, watching him trying to act young, so i was also kind of scared that damian lau might appear to be too forceful. but nope, it was good. they retained his grey hair [i guess natural] which was also an interesting move.

Jack ko is modern day Robin Hood, rob criminals and to give half of the loot to charity. because of a past incident, he does not believe that police alone can do enough justice to certain criminals and wants to punish them his way. leader of the gang of 5 thieves, he is cool, super cool. the kind of cool u seldom see in tvb. his clever exchanges with both kong yeung and BT are all the must watch scenes. he lives in a hse that looks super cool even if it is just one propped up in a studio. his taste is not that bad, though i think he drinks a little too much wine, i feel the pain for damian lau because i think he really consumes a lot of dark red/purple liquid [haha. is that ribena?] for this drama.

His relationship with bao yung-yung is quite comfortable to watch, thank goodness it’s not those bing bing biang biang type. the subtle changes in jack ko after he met her is also nice to see. he opens himself up each day but he does realise accepting bao yung-yung will be a whole lot of responsibility.

johnson lee plays my favourite character BT(Tam Ben). he really makes the whole drama become so enjoyable and to some extend unique. who does his clothes? wa. it’s so differently nice. i dunno whether johnson lee’s degree had helped him in anyway, but i just love all his clothes, maybe minus the white shoes. and he is constantly ‘sunning his english’. haha. im also wondering whether it’s a move by the crew or by johnson lee himself. my second johnson lee drama, love his humor, love his acting, nice.

BT does electrial and computer engineering. waaa. haha. and is the top50 hackers in this world. he deals with all the electrical and IT stuff and can even control traffic lights. waaa. haha. a little ridiculous but it makes it even more interesting to watch.

Idy Chan plays Bao yung-yung. according to wiki, she had a 5 year relationship with chow yun fatt and andy lau has fallen in love with her too. waaa. haha. i have never seen her before, but she’s good as the naive bao yung-yung.

for the first half of the show, i really think bao yung-yung is outright stupid. how can someone be so naive and kind? she’s damn stupid la. but of course she didnt change, but i accepted her naive-ness at the back, like how i guess jack ko has accepted that too.

joe ma plays kong yeung. not a fan of joe ma because i didnt really like him in triumph in the skies. it’s quite fitting for his surname to be ma, dont u think he looks like a horse? haha. right. his acting is still like that but it’s already not too bad la. but i really dont like his jeans and white belt. out out out.

kong yeung, friend of justice, is a policeman. he draws a very clear line between what’s wrong and what’s right. so for the first half of the show we see him very determined to put jack and gang behind the bars. for the second half, he became friends with jack ko and the grey area starts to bleed into him.

his relationship with his family and wife seems a little underdeveloped and 2D. there are times when i hope they will just stop arguing.

fala chen plays minnie, wife of kong yeung. she is one smart wife. haha. even when the bad guy tries to blackmail her, they couldnt do anything to her. fala chen is still as good. i like her in MR, and here too. it’s better for her to act as this kind of smart OL, instead of maybe the third party or some spoilt daughter. if minnie could argue less with kong yeung, it could have been better.

long leg crab, keyman and sissy. long leg crab is in charge of guns, keyman in charged of locks and sissy driving. they are all part of the 5-man team which goes round robbing the criminals.

this drama’s only villan. of course there are other villans but they either somehow related to him or are actually working under him. yes. so he is the only villan. evergreen mak.

sharon chan as kong kiu, kong yeung’s sister and BT’s girlfriend. where did i see her before?

kong yeung’s team. irritating at first but i guess they grew into me after some time.

yung-yung’s son. i dont know why but he tends to stick his words together when he talks? hai. must be the trauma from his dad.

oily face keung!! hahaahaha. jack ko’s old friend and lawyer.

the ending. i like the ending. though i was a little unhappy with the scriptwriter’s decision at first but watching the alternative ending, i tot this original one is still better. leaving at the appropriate time, when u are at your peak and only leave the beautiful side of you to others; i guess that’s what i like abt the original ending.

alternative ending. for those who are still screaming ‘NOOOOOOOO~’ to their tvs even after the credits are up. haha. unsatisfied with what i was given for the original one, i went to watch the alternate one, but i guess the original one is still the better one.

who is this har? stupid person. i tot he was a spy by evergreen mak leh. haha. evergreen mak sends spy into the police team. so i tot too much. chey.

the most out of character scene for jack ko. the part where yung-yung came back after going through her course on perceptions. he just threw the panadol away and shouted that his headache had gone away in a very unjackly fashion.

there was this scene where jack and yung-yung’s son were sword fighting? haha. excuse me. who u are fighting here against is the legendary 4-eyebrows 陸小鳳 [情與義 值千金.. god of cookery!!], confirm lose right. can u see his stance and the way he is holding his sword. the 1980s period drama pattern.

嬿青有約 in 1998

Part 2

扫冰者(2000) theme song

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