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Do you like House?

December 22, 2008



i remember i was telling someone that i was learning house and the reply was ‘house can learn one meh? i tot it’s just disco dance?’ hai. haha.

i had this strange feeling before they started performing that they might be doing house. or maybe that was just a little wish within me because no one had performed house in 棒棒堂 before. and they really did!! yay. watch 阿MAY and his reggae too.

and. some spending this week. threadless’ 5bucks tee promo still on. but i bought 2 other 10bucks tees. it seems cheap but together with shipping fees it amounts to quite a lot. hai. shall take those tees as new year clothes.

and my moleskine!! haha. i bought my moleskine already. a very not cultish-love red diary, cos most of those who loves moleskines will opt for the black plain notebook. but after giving some thoughts over practicability, i settled for the red one instead. stylo. will bring to school for the next 2 sems to come.

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