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100 meme… again!!

December 26, 2008

1 Birthdate?
the eleventh day of the fourth month.

2 Place of birth?

3 Blood type?
O+. the most cheerful blood type. thank you.

4 Height?
still 160.

5 Weight?
50. dont ask.

6 Shoe size?
still 6.

7 Work? Study?
NUS. what do u think.

8 Childhood nickname?
tissue. issue. art.

9 Average hours you sleep in a day?
12hr. i am very fair.

10 Time you go to bed?

11 Any siblings?
1 younger sister. who unfortunately is in IP.

12 Eyesight short-sighted, long-sighted or perfect?
myopic 350.

13 What languages do you speak?
english, mandarin, cantonese. and very bad japanese.

14 What languages would you like to speak?
better japanese. hokkien.

15 Nickname on Messenger?
eeshoo. the fourth wall.

16 What do you collect?
iweekly. my 8th year.

17 Model of handphone you are using?
w960i. touchscreen so i will ‘cup’ people phone accidentally with my ears.

18 What is on your shopping list?
nds lite, specs and jacket.

19 Favourite t-shirt brand?

20 Favourite cut of jeans?
as low as possible until u can see my si-fat.

21 Favourite fashion designer?
louis vuitton still. open your doors to me please. the taka outlet. even if i am wearing flip flops.

22 Favourite clothing label?

23 Favourite shoe label?
nike but i only like their dunks.

24 Favourite bag label?
crumpler la.

25 Most dominant colour in your wardrobe?
yellow!! woo.

26 Most worn-pair of shoes?
no shoes. Havaianas flip flop please.

27 Favourite shampoo?
dove straight and silky.

28 Favourite conditioner?
no conditioner. yes i am lazy.

29 Favourite bath product?
dettol. i am clean freak.

30 Favourite facial product?
clean n clear. cos im young.

31 Favourite cosmetics?
er. gimme another 5 years i’ll find one.

32 Favourite art movement?
art movement? new wave cinema? is this counted?

33 Favourite artist?
alan mak. if he is considered one.

34 Favourite gallery?
photo journalism.

35 Favourite cold drink?

36 Favourite hot drink?

37 Favourite flavour of ice-cream?
hagen daz strawberry. only hagen daz’s.

38 Favourite cuisine?

39 Favourite sandwich?
egg egg egg egg with mayo.

40 Favourite cake?
those with a lot of chocolate.

41 Favourite chocolate?
royce nama.

42 Favourite fast food?
mountain ocean sea.

43 Favourite sushi?
tofu skin.

44 Favourite breakfast?
roti prata.

45 Spaghetti tomato, cream or pesto sauce?

46 Beef rare, medium rare, medium, well-done?
medium. but generally no beef thank you.

47 Restaurant you frequent most?
restaurant? nydc.

48 Best dining experience?

49 Worst dining experience?
pizza hut.

50 Favourite book?

51 Favourite movie?
infernal affairs II.

52 Favourite artist writer?
lily franky.

53 Favourite actor?
waaa. this is difficult. tony leung… thomas ong… i will settle for bobby au yeung.

54 Favourite actress?
ueno juri.

55 Favourite record?
record? i am yuppie i own mp3s. SNAG OST.

56 Favourite singer?
eason chan.

57 Favourite band?
mr children.

58 Favourite lyrics?
someone saved my life tonight.

59 Favourite TV show?
waaa. this is difficult. detective investigation files IV.

60 Favourite newspapers?
straits times.

61 Favourite magazine?

62 Favourite flower?
daisy still.

63 Favourite animal?
not an animal lover. whale.

64 Favourite country?
land of the rising sun.

65 Favourite street (in your country)?
choa chu kang street 52.

66 Favourite street (overseas)?
Des Voeux Road

67 Favourite sport?
trash talk with orange bouncing ball.

68 Scariest movie?
wishing stairs.

69 Funniest movie?
god of cookery.

70 Favourite leisure activity?

71 Favourite public transport?

72 Favourite weather?

73 Dream honeymoon destination?
north korea. hahahaha.

74 Computer you use?
Packard bell desktop fujitsu laptop.

75 Wallpaper on your computer?
hkia terminal one.

76 Screen saver on your computer?
no screen saver. thanks.

77 How many hours on the internet a day?
4 on average.

78 Favourite blog?

79 Favourite news site?

80 Favourite site?
google and youtube.

81 First pet?
mealworm. i hate primary school science.

82 Favourite cartoon from childhood?

83 Favourite toy from childhood?
from childhood? so i have to owe it la. gameboy.

84 What makes you smile?
stephen chow. jacky wu makes me laugh.

85 What makes you cry?
含冤受屈. moonlight resonance!!

86 Which celebrity would you like to be?
ueno juri.

87 What colour would you be if you are a crayon?
yellow lor.

88 If you can go back in time, which period would you want to be in?
secondary school.

89 If you can have your own business, what would you venture into?
something 潮.

90 What TV program would you like to go on?

91 How satisfied are you with your current situation?
50-50 la.

92 What would you rather be doing if you have a choice?
make film i guess.

93 The most important thing that has happened in your life?
entering schools video awards.

94 What do you think you’ll be doing 5 years down the road?
live off my dad. if i can choose i will go into aviation or film.

95 Most desired now?
time. jikan.

96 Biggest worry now?
that sheila does not pick up my calls!! and engin club publicity which has stalled too.

97 Most unforgettable incident?
to get accepted into ntu and rejecting it at the beginning of my year2.

98 New year resolution?
stop procrastinating.

99 Your motto in life?
hua hee tio hou.

100 Who do you want to answer “100 Things About Me”?
no i do not pass chains. haha.

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