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January 13, 2009

damn. i am starting to find school interesting.

sem2’s the shorter sem and i really hope not to end up doing 6 mods again. the first 2 sems because of ddp; but after getting kicked out in sem3, i still did 6 mods, because of js. js was sort of like a surprise one. i was surfing cors (haha) when round 3A started and js needed only 1 point, and since it was on films, i thought i could give it a try. with the idea of maybe dropping it after the first lecture. but i kept it; my 3rd sem with 6 mods.

and this sem. hai. 4 cores. very killer cores. esp they are not in the areas that i am good at. semiconductors, assembly language, transistors. hai. and sem2 is also shorter. my other 2 mods: marketing and soci.

marketing lecture was on monday and i sort of convinced myself to drop soci. but soci lecture today made me want to drop marketing instead. but i know both modules are really hard to score. see la. dont want to give me film mod this sem. only got one. level 3000. by LBC somemore. hahahaha. but i cant do that too because of time table clashes.

i have till this friday to decide.

my rash is recovering. though i’ve still yet to find what i am allergic to.

and… we at #12-76 have gotten ourselves a new tv. yayyyyy. LG model with a LG HDD dvd recorder. i know this is kind of out (since the rest of the world had most probably gotten their hdtv ages ago) but my sis and i were waiting for the price drop. oled might be coming out this year but i guess to reach a price we can afford, that will be another 5 years time. opting for a dvd recorder and not a blu-ray because we cant afford to buy large numbers of blu-ray disc anyway. and no one seems to sell hk blu-ray in spore too. LG because.. they are quite reasonable for price. haha. and sorry KURO. you are just way off our budget. first a samsung printer and now an LG tv. hai. my japanese products at home are all getting replaced by korean ones.

yayyyy. this coming thu. our new tv!!

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