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January 28, 2009

haha. i just realised the shot above has raymond cho on the left. hi, you are getting famous ah. hahaha.

this opened on 26jan in hongkong. so i guess other than all well ends well 2009 they had another alternative. hai. we have the jack neo one or the Christopher lee one. and i seriously thought their ratings should have been swapped. jackneo’s one as PG and christopher lee’s one as NC16. hai but still. i hoped for better movies this cny but the 2 local ones are just rather disappointing.

talking about all well end well. haha didnt watch it but i saw this in the trailer!!

the feet without bird. eh no. the bird without feet. (watch the leslie cheung’s one here)

and when i rewatched mcdull alumni i realised they made a reference to days of being wild too.

alex fong asked the girl to look at the clock for a minute. (watch the leslie cheung(why also him!!)’s one here)

haha. nice.

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