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Salty Pork Hand.

February 15, 2009

I bet it is Ellesmere Choi. trust me. haha. i mean lailokyi or moses chan? siao ah.

第一次的過失 才發現 心中有把真理的尺

i got hooked onto both the show and the song. hai. haha. and i feel like i just betrayed myself. like how i felt when i liked madam ma from fh2, now a channel8 which i cannot stop watching. how.

and ruien fascinates me by how skinny she can get. she was criticised in the AIDS show that she was too skinny right. wa. then she’s even worse here, she’s anorexic. i forgot which episode but when lishanshan (hahahahahaha. i bet my sis loves her name) sort of attacked her, i was thinking ‘omg. i think ruien will die. she doesnt even have any fats/meat to support herself when she falls.’ hai. but it’s ruien. like thomas ong. i just watch all her shows.

and xiaoxin and his ‘HQSF’. hai. why is his pronunciation so bad. he’s struggling even with 4 single alphabets.

and i am still struggling with school work. one more week to reading. crazy lab sessions. marketing project. cca. sian. applying for cuhk’s summer programme. but getting accepted will mean that i will miss sports camp this year.


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