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March 3, 2009

the second on my to-watch list. how should i start. this isnt a film which made me fall in love with it straight away. there are some films like sanchome or spirited away which make me love them all the way from maybe 15min into the film till days and days after. films which i cannot stop thinking about even after finish watching them.

i expected okuribito to be like this. not talking about oscars, but 10 japan accademy awards? wow. maybe i should not have went in with this idea. haha. not that i am expecting a lot from this film, but went the credits roll, i thought they had more to tell me, and i want to know more. there’s a certain part of me which was not satisfied yet.

it is a good film. simply put it is a very typical simple japanese style melodrama with tinge of humor. some parts are rather predictable, maybe a little less predictable than our takeshi kaneshiro god of death story.

but i couldnt totally immerse myself into the film. in yogisha x, my eyes were following Shinichi Tsutsumi’s every move. i was practically staring at his strands of white hair, his scarf, because it made me want to remember all the scenes. but somehow i could not really relate to daigo (haha. nice name. hi tiga). and yes i was still staring at him esp when he was at work, but somehow i had this certain distance from his character. and not to talk about the scene at the climax.

but everyone in the cinema was like *sniff sniff* *sniff sniff*. haha. esp how the film uses a lot of scenes without background music, so the sniffs became really loud. i could feel it was sad, but not to the extend in galileo which i feel really sad (omg. my bad english. haha) for Shinichi Tsutsumi’s character. this film will make your nose turn sour, but galileo will make u think ‘why? why? stop doing this!!’ haha.

like always, i read iweekly’s review on the film right after finishing it. and it made me see the many things i overlooked during the film. what the director was trying to say. in the process on focusing all on daigo’s job and worry, i sort of neglected everything else that happened. the bath house. daigo moving back to yamagata. and salmons swimming against the current to go back home. people are all chasing after the newest, the best, and forgotten about where they have started from.

and the ceremony is so solemn yet beautiful. and how many people only come to terms at one’s death. there’s so much said, and i only neglected them.

and the funny thing is. the more i think about the minute details of the film, the more i love it. i am only starting to like this film 4hours after viewing? haha.

hai. now i want a second viewing.

and not to forget joe hisaishi’s music. still so so so good.

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