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he doesnt just sell good fishball..

March 15, 2009

hahahahaa. i just love billy bong and his ultra coolness. despite how high he wears his pants with his maroon polo tee, no one could beat his coolness la. i mean everyone who went through 1109 will know that he’s better than that alcoholic drink or the one who resembles a certain malaysian prime minister. he who brings strange plastic/rubber tubes to class, making us bend rulers and to ask people to demonstrate breaking of chopsticks.

and yesterday, after crashing the medicine [haha. i am so deprived. hai. i think it requires people to reach a certain level for maturity to realise why everyone else longs to go into medicine. it took me 4 sems.] talk i thought i should just walk into the engin talk and to see who was giving the talk la before walking out after 3 mins. and right on stage was billy bong. and we sat there for another 20min.

and the best line from him ‘of course we cannot be one-dimensional technical people.’ hai he knows. he knows how the rest of the school sees us. the 1D technical people. technical? that is like worse than geek. now i know why people continue to look at us with the ‘oh you engin people’ look despite i swear the science people are more chui. technical!! har.

and also the abbreviation of AM for angmoh. hahahahahahaa. who uses that?

maybe it’s time he should bring his fishballs to lectures. haha.

i cant be a lawyer or doctor anymore, so “i will be a chief executive officer”.

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