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April 12, 2009

yesterday i thought of a new film idea. haha. abt how technology was supposed to bring us closer but in the end pulled us even further apart. so the story goes this person one day decided to leave for another country suddenly. but he continues to sms, to blog and to msn. so we see how long the people around him will realise that he is actually gone. hahaha. but to think again, i think this story will just bore everyone to tears.

okay la. my point is. i am very against talking on msn and wasting time on facebook. so if u dont go to school with me, am part of studios with me, it is very likely u havent spoken to me for a long long time. but ironically, the cyber world (plus phone, so it should be technology world) is where i got most of the love from friends.

but i am really thankful for all who decided to waste 10sec of their lives, going to my fb account or to pick up your phone to msg me or to just leave me a tag.

thank you so much.

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