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Thank you for your smile.

April 13, 2009

i knew this song was originally by Momoe Yamaguchi, but only today i know that there’s such a video and that she sang it for her farewell concert. coincidence? hmm. omoishiroi.

yesterday evening i went running. haha. for a really lousy reason. i was afraid that with my current eating habits and without exercising, i will need to go for liposuction 5 years down the road. and this run marks my first run after a 6months absence from exercising. okay i do run after buses (A2! A2!) and climb the stairs in the national university of stairs, but my weight is currently at its highest ever since i step foot on this earth.

ahh. this is getting so bimbo talk. okay my point is. i reflected on myself while running yesterday. like how i am after i stop exercising. i think to a certain extend running changed a part of me.

i hated running as a kid. long dist. i sprint. yes. but definitely no 1.6k. and throughout years in disneyland i played basketball, but is those gu niang basketball. run a bit then pass. thirsty drink cold water cooler water. tired then rest.

in jc training is completely different. water during water break only. run like crazy(suicide!!) and i was turning white on the first training. so 2 years i kept running though i hated it. but slowly i could feel that my body is adjusted to long distance. no panting. and i didnt really sweat after 2.4k.

and it is during these 2 years when i was literally at my best. physically and mentally. okay part of me that pushed me to study was because of all the looks i got when i got my O levels(this is such a cruel world. 11 points and even the form teacher shakes her head at you? hai. because 9 out of 10 kids got 10pts and below). but at least i wanted to do something and not rot my days away.

and now that i am not running. i can feel my old self creeping back. and if u feel i changed these 2 days,

that’s because i ran.

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