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Cogito, ergo sum?

April 25, 2009

mediacorp keeps all its gems after the news at night. was still mugging (i have not much time) and my sister came home last night before she switched on the tv. which was then i realised i have just missed metamorphosis and they are already showing the drug trafficking show. channel5 was showing survivor and before i knew they were showing season 2 finale episode of a show which i have only watched till season1 episode 3.

and of all things to talk about.. hallucination? haha. was reading about dreaming some time ago and how to identify that u are dreaming. and yet everytime when i dream, no matter how ridiculously ridiculous the situation is i will still believe it is real.

but that episode reminded me of kristiechen and all the afternoons with her and P4C. she showed us the matrix one session and made us proof why we exist and all is not a dream, a hallucination or a bunch of aliens controlling us. that was the week when i could not write anything into that tiny notebook because i really could not proof why we exist. and the (sort of) answer she gave was ‘i think therefore i am’. hmm. is that really a good answer?

and of course i had a really weird dream this morning. hai. i am still feeling disorientated. no more midnight tv.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)
百分百聽證會:唐禹哲 (from 0:34 onwards. wa. haha. so everyone loves daniel chan. i think everyone in spore will at least know 心有獨鍾. what show was it for again? i was a daniel chan fan too. haha. he converted me from a perfect10 kid can.)

cannot. must put at least 1 daniel chan mv on my blog. haha.

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